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    Hey guys ,

    after some time i decided to pick up this fantastic hobby again , i've haven't painted any model in over a year so i find my skills are a bit rusty to say at least

    i was hoping to get your opinions on these stormcast eternals i just painted so i can keep improving

    thx for reading and enjoy

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    PS: I still have to paint the bases ...
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    Welcome back! I too am restarting my painting after over a year (was building bases instead lol ) I'd have to say you're off to a really solid start!

    -Purple, gold, and red are excellent color choices for color contrast

    I'm no one to critique, but I would add some more highlights and shadows to emphasize the lighting contrast on the models. The one good thing about stormcast eternals is that they have really exaggerated, flat shapes in the armor that you can use to your advantage when painting. For example, on the chest armor, you can do some nice blends (ie. light to dark) on the pectorals sections.

    I'll be looking forward to your progress
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    awsome combination! i like for mines! KUDOS!
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