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    I'm trying to figure out whether I correctly understand how Backstab works.

    "Backstab: Replace the lowest result on the defender’s chart with [a strike]. Hits from this [strike ] automatically deal 1 damage to the target."
    In the updated rules PDF, it refers to "results" as die rolls, which are compared to the Defense Chart. (Under "Dice" on pp. 6-7; under The Defense Chart on pg. 9).

    The way I read that is this: suppose a model with Backstab and a 3-die attack rolls a 4, 6, 7. Suppose none of those are a Strike on the Defense Chart. The 4 is the lowest result. It is compared to the chart. It's the lowest result on the chart of that roll. Backstab then converts it to a strike that automatically deals 1 damage.

    However, others have argued, and I agree it's possible to mean this as well, that Backstab just means that the "1" on the Defense Chart is a Strike, instead of teh lowest die roll.

    The former is much more powerful than the latter. But with how the rules discuss "results," it looks like the more likely reading. Which is the intended way it works?

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    Backstab replaces the lowest result on the defender's chart, not your lowest attack result. These are two separate things.

    If it was Option 1, it would mean Backstab would always automatically deal damage, which would be insane.

    Also, "lowest result on the chart of the roll" is flawed logic. The chart isn't becoming smaller based on what you roll, its a static thing, 1-10.
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    Essentially, start with the 1 result on the defense chart. If that does not yield a strike, make it a strike. If 1 is a strike, continue up (2, 3, etc) until you yield a non-strike result. Additionally, yielding this special result effectively bypasses resilience for that die. In that case, I'd say it doesn't pair up with other hits when attempting to overcome said resilience.

    While your reading makes a certain sense, it would mean that a model with backstab would guarantee damage to a model on every attack. That's a VERY powerful ability.

    Mind you, since I'm making a flying-psycho-murder-baby Teknes army, I'd welcome that ruling.

    EDIT: I just got ninja'd by Mr. Black. Damn dude. Stone cold.

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    Thanks. The issue is that the only time "result" is used in reference to the Defense Chart in the rules is when a roll is made on the chart. No position, number, or effect is called a "result." Instead, the rulrs tell you to compare "results" to the chart. Hence the latent ambiguity.

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