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    Default sidestep and combined activation

    3 models attack 1 enemy
    2 infantery and a leader in a combined activation
    2 infantery make an combined attack and a "dodge" is generated, the defender's model have sidestep

    my question: If the defender's model use sidestep for run away far from the leader (which attack too in the combined activation, but it's a different attack), his attack is wasted or it's simultaneous and the attack of the leader is resolved before sidestep ?

    sorry for my english ^^

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    If you are doing a Combined Attack on the target, all dice are pooled together in the attack, it doesn't matter if its a Leader or Infantry.

    If you specifically only making a Combined Attack with the two Infantry, that action would be resolved before the Leader's attack, meaning the target could Sidestep away beforehand.
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    thank you, fast answer ^^

    the leader and infantery must use the same type of attack (melee, magic, will) and not the same attack (name of the attacks is always different), my mistake, i learn too fast.
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