How to paint the ghosts from Harry Potter?
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Thread: How to paint the ghosts from Harry Potter?

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    Default How to paint the ghosts from Harry Potter?

    I was wondering using Vallejo´s game colors, how would you paint the ghosts of Harry Potter like the one in the picture?
    I could imagine it might be going from magic blue and highlighting up to ghost gray maybe mixing in some pale flesh or something like that?

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    My thought,.. paint the piece monochrome. All black and white and grey,.. like something out of an old black and white movie. Then simply do a light glaze of blue/green/turquoise,.. until you reach the desired saturation effect.
    It's only a flesh wound!!!

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    I think magic blue is too strong. also on the pic it looks more green than blue to me.
    WM's suggestion could work, but why mess with glazing after painting it black-white, when you could start from the desired colors.

    Based on the pic I'd simply go from a dark grey (For example VMC DarkSeaGreen or VAC-ArmorGreen) to a pastely greenish grey (VAC Pale-Green or even VAC-DuckEggGreen) to an off-white (VMC-Ivory).
    Based on the YT video it IS more blueish, so DarkBlueGrey to IntermediateBlue (I just love this color) to PaleBlueGrey to off-white. Also here the face is more lively, so instead of PaleBlueGrey I'd use some skin color, like VMC-LightFlesh or even VMC-BeigeRed.

    Then again, fair warning: painting monochrome can be a pain, as you don't have the support of complementary colors or warm-cold colors to make your contrast. (have 3 monochrome in my gallery)
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    How to paint the ghosts from Harry Potter?

    With a brush, of course,.....

    (sorry,... couldn't help myself)
    It's only a flesh wound!!!

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    I think your on to something with the Light Flesh.
    I the book the Bloody Baron is described as being very pale, pearly-white and slightly transparent. He had wide, staring, black eyes and a gaunt face.
    A that is basically all J.K Rowling says about the ghosts appearance.
    So perhaps use Light Flesh as a base color working up to a pure Ivory as for the shadows go down to Dark Blue Gray.

    Give it all a cold nightly feel to it.

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