Limiting product. Explain the reason.
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Thread: Limiting product. Explain the reason.

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    Default Limiting product. Explain the reason.

    I think getting extras early is reward enough for backing projects (along with the discounted price). Never releasing products (that were only available to backers) to people that want to buy them isn't a good idea. I understand that you need the money to back a project but it's not like the amount isn't reached on your projects. As it seems to usually be at least quadrupled. I thought the idea is to sell as much product as you can while also satisfying all of your customers and making your game as good as it can be. I could see waiting a year after release as a good time frame. Maybe it has to do with the fact that it's a good way to get people to buy a product before they actually see if it's good or not.

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    It's just incentive. How is it any different than calling thr mail order line cause the first 100 callers will receive a free dishcloth?
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    it has more to do with the exclusitivity.
    If the minis weren't limited not even half as many backers / pledges would be there.

    The minimum who wouldn't back the KS: those who resell for double-triple-etc price on ebay (aka Ebay-sharks) , those who don't really play but collect the minis and this is the only way to get them (I think I fall in this group), those who can wait until the general release.

    Look at the companies, who doesn't do limited editions or the LE-s they do are not that exciting (SPM, Hawk, Prodos, Scale75 to name a few). They don't have as large backing as they could have.
    Simply because it's safer to wait until you can buy it in a shop.
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