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    So this is my Autumnal Flower Knight for Kingdom Death, using the plastic kit from the expansion. Scibor face used on the base, and the pumpkin from Zealot Miniatures Twisting Catacombs KS. premier World of Darkness RPG podcast

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    Nice piece but to me the trailing rear of the cloak is lacking in depth and too close in colours to the leaves on his rear.
    Orange-brown isn't an easy colour to shade but it could do with darkening to increase the separation between the areas.
    Overall it's a nice piece of work on a complicated mini.
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    Lovely work, although the dark bits need to be darker imo

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    I really like the color of the armor. That's spot on!

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    Wow, the effect you've created with those blends of blue-gray and rusty red around the armor are awesome! I too would like to see you go back in and pick out the details in the tails with a reddish-black. Would also like to see the object in the hand more contrasted with the gauntlet, and a deep, orange-chocolate line around the lid on the jack-o-lantern.

    Overall, a super-cool mini!

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