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Thread: Black Plague - Roll 6: +1 Damage question

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    Question Black Plague - Roll 6: +1 Damage question

    Okay, so items such as the Disintegrate spell have the rule Roll 6: +1 Damage, but this does not have a rule explanation in the Skills list, or the rulebook as far as we can find.

    Question is, how does this apply to the attack?

    If I roll 2 6's does this stack to be +2 Damage?
    If I roll a 5 and a 6 does this make both hits +1 Damage, or only the one that rolled a 6?

    For convenience sake, we've ruled that the answer is "yes" to both, but is there an actual ruling on this somewhere that we've missed?
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    each roll does it's own damage. I would read it this way: I roll 4 dice... a 1, 3, 5, and 6 with a 1 dmg weapon. the 5 hits and would kill a walker or runner. the 6 would hit, and could kill a walker or runner, but with the +1 dmg, could be used to kill a fatty instead....

    each roll is independent... therefore, it would not be +2 but rather each 6 would do +1 additional dmg...
    only the 6 gets the additional dm.

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    Problem is, there's no Damage allocation rules, so that makes things fiddly...

    Say there's 2 Walkers, 2 Fatties, and 1 Runner in the target zone. I roll a 4, 4, 5, 5, and 6. Sure, I could wipe out 3 of those zombies following the Target Priority, but the rules don't mention allocating different Damage hits within the same attack. For all we know, we should allocate all Damage 1 attacks first and if there's leftover targets that can't be damaged by Damage 1, then the rest of the attack is discarded. We already know Damage 1 doesn't injure Fatties, and the rules don't cover this situation, because they assume the hits are all from a weapon dealing the same Damage with all its attacks. Hell, it might even be a case of: allocate the 4 and 4 to the walkers, killing them, then the 5 and 5 to the Fatties, doing no damage, then the 6 to the Runner, but not killing him because the Fatties are still alive.

    Edit: Ok, so the Target Priority does state "The hits are assigned to targets of the lowest priority until they’ve all been eliminated, then to targets of the next priority until they’ve all been eliminated, and so on", so a better example would be 3 Walkers, 1 Fatty, 1 Runner with the same rolls as above. 4, 4, 5 would kill the Walkers. Then we're left with the 5 and 6, Fatty and Runner. Which order do we apply these hits? Kill the Fatty then the Runner (6 then 5), or hit the Fatty with the 5, do no Damage, then hit him with the 6 killing him and leaving the Runner alive? The former could be implied the be the case, but it adds an extra step of bookkeeping, so to speak, that the rules don't account for.

    I get what you're saying, and appreciate the input, plus we played it that way at first. But it's not actually expressly covered in the rules.

    Much easier to simply apply +1 Damage to all the hits. Less fiddly, and pretty much falls in line with the: Roll a 6: +1 die skill that stacks (ie each 6 adds +1 die), +1 die combat/etc that stacks with each weapon, etc. The other dice altering rules all stack within themselves too, not independently... In fact, the +1 Damage [Weapon] / [Type] skills apply to the whole weapon, not just individual rolls, which is half of what this rule does... Heck, if a Survivor got the +1 Damage Skill from two different Experience Levels, all his attacks would be +2 Damage, the same as rolling multiple 6's in this case.

    It's just a shame that the Roll a 6: +1 Damage isn't a Skill with a full detailed explanation.
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    The damage allocation rules are not clear, but are usable. For a ranged attack, there is a table that identifies which order the hits land. For a melee attack, the attacker chooses the order. Shooting (or spell casting) into a zone, the hit order is (1) walkers, (2) Fatties / Abominations, (3) Runners, (4) Wolfz, (5) Necromancer. *From memory, please verify with the rule book before using*

    With 2 walkers, a fatty, 2 runners, and 1 necromancer in the zone, you roll 5 dice needing a 4+ to hit... results are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. So 3 hits. Using melee rules, and a 1 dmg weapon (with the roll 6, +1 dmg ability)... I could choose to kill the necromancer and the two runners... or the necromancer, 1 runner and the fatty... or 2 runners and 1 fatty... However, using the ranged combat rules... their is no choice... I have to kill the 2 walkers and using the rolled 6 as 2 dmg, kill the fatty. If I had not rolled the 6, but a 4 or a 5, then the 2 walkers would die, and nothing else (using ranged attack rules).

    While it would be much simpler to add +1 dmg to all hits, it will make a difference in the game.

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