Moving "Into" a Zone, Rigging, and other odd Questions
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Thread: Moving "Into" a Zone, Rigging, and other odd Questions

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    Default Moving "Into" a Zone, Rigging, and other odd Questions

    1. Moving into an enemy zone
    When playing we were unsure of the interpretation of moving "into a enemy zone". With deckhands and bosuns, this is obvious - if an enemy is in the zone in front of you deckhands they must stop. But with Hero's, does 'move into" mean you can not END your turn in an enemy controlled zone. Or that you can not END your turn in an enemy controlled zone AND you can not pass through it?

    2. Rigging
    In the play video's it is specified you can rig as long as you are on the edge of the boat. I had a need to get from one end of my boat to the other end relatively quickly and was going to rig from end to end. But if I am reading the instructions right, you must rig boat to boat, not one end of the boat to end of same boat. Is that correct?

    3. Kraken and Sea Monster
    I had assumed from watching play videos that you can have either the Kraken or the Sea monster. Not both. But if I am reading the manual right - you can. Because the Sea Monster is assigned a gangplank - the sea monster could theoretically be assigned far left or far right. The Kraken comes up in the middle and the monster tiles do not overlap. Can that situation happen, and if so - do the sea monster and Kraken attack each other as well?

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    1. Your models may not enter zones containing enemies unless they have a special ability allowing such, period.

    2. You must rig boat to boat, you cannot rig onto the same boat you are on.

    3. Yes, it can happen, and yes, they do attack each other.
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    Hands down the fastest response to a gaming question - ever. By a senior developer none-the-less. Thank you very much for the quick response.

    Had the game over the weekend on loan from my game store. Plan on buying it this week - especially if you provide support like this. Keep up the good work.

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