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Thread: Rum and Bones Expansions

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    Default Rum and Bones Expansions

    So I plan on picking up the original Rum and Bones in the next week or so. I know there are some expansions that I see on Amazon - but I am confused.

    1. I see wildly varying priced for "Rum & Bones Mazus Dreadful Curse Board Game" and "Rum & Bones La Brise Sanguine Board Game".
    Multiple listings for regular price and a few for 100+. Did these expansions go Out of Print or is Amazon being dumb?

    2. I see both an expansion "Board Game" and "Hero Sets".
    It looks like the expansion "board games" actually have more Heros? (On top of the tide cards, etc).

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    1. They are $49.99 MSRP. They are not out of print.

    2. There is the Expansion Box and a Hero Set (of three Heroes) for each of them (just like the Core Crews).
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