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    Hey Dennis

    really looking forward to seeing more of your work

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    I'm still trying to understand this resource. my friend recommended the wip section. for publications. I hope I understood him correctly)))))))

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    Dennis, this one looks great. The concept art is interesting, I'm looking forward to seeing how this one develops. By the way, on Facebook I saw the other two orcs you did for Ouroboros. Both are excellent. I really want to paint the shaman one! One of the very active members here, BloodASmedium, recently painted the Orc Brave. You can see his version here:!/page282

    I'm glad to see you sharing your work here. Keep posting. It can take some time for people to notice your new thread, but give it a little time and you'll get plenty of followers on this site!

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    Head of your latest orc looks awesome! What putty/clay are you using for your sculpture, if you don't mind my asking?

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    Saint Toad. thanks for the nice words. I test many materials. I like supersculpey. all my works i make from this material .ifии youии are interested in the process of creating my works. more information can be found here.

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    Bailey03 thank you. Yes, I will continue to share photos of the process. if people like it I'm happy to do it.

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    your sculpts are up there with the best Dennis, I really mean that. This is the perfect platform to show your stuff off on

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    This is looking like another excellent job in the making. Can't wait for this one.

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    Dartmarsh. I have one year on this platform. there are not a large group of people who like my work. I'm glad you joined them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by denis soul View Post
    there are not a large group of people who like my work.
    i'm willing to bet that will change very quickly mate

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    I'm sure you'll continue to see that number grow. I think a lot of painters see figures they like, but don't necessarily know who are the sculptors that created them. It's only recently that I've started to follow the work of sculptors I like and not just the kits from companies. In the end, we buy kits because we like the work of the sculptor, not because it's got a certain companies name on it.

    Your work is really excellent. Great detail, good character, and well done anatomy. Hopefully your posts here will introduce your work to more people, because they are the kinds of figures many of this site would like!

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    спасибо вам, ребята.

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    Count me as a fan, Denis. Incredible sculpts.

    I'd love to see a step by step on how you do hands - always struggle with them, and yours are exceptional.

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    I am happy you all discovered Denis, he has a terrific talent!! And now I am a happy owner of a couple of sculpts made by him and they are spectacular! in more experienced painter hands just like those of Bam, or AndyG or Sproket would be awesomenesss!! ^^
    WIP thread. / Cmon Gallery / Instagram

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    Your amZing Dennis bottom line!!!

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