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    How tall is it from toe to peak of shoulder? About 40mm?

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    Name:  IMG-20161121-WA0018.jpg
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Size:  76.3 KBвторой питомец готов.

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    Ohhhh my Christmas coming and will be purchasing any new stuff you have!!!!

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    Great work Denis!! Sculptors don't get enough love around here.. Musculature looks really good.

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    that is actually a very very VERY good sculpt!
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    Master artisan....I looove your work period.

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    This is one of the better 'beast' sculpts I've seen. Your attention to detail and composition is really impressive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zsoulless View Post
    Sculptors don't get enough love around here..
    I don't think it is a lack of love, but more that most of us are too incompetent to sculpt a toadstool let alone an awesome figure. I know it makes it hard for me to give any constructive criticsm. I have enjoyed the big increase in sculpters on the sight this past year. It has increased my appreciation of the sculpting arts.

    And I also forget to comment on denis' sculpts as I get sidetracked drooling. These current beasts are absolutely stunnung sculpts.

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    Your sculpting is just so very good! I love how dynamic and characterfull they are. I wish I was a better at sculpting myself because then I might have the proper volcabulary to give them the praise they deserve!

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    спасибо вам, ребята. Я не совсем понимаю, о какой любви идет разговор. если речь идет о любви в моей жизни все хорошо. а если вы говорите о любви и внимание к моей работе. Мне очень приятно Ваше внимание и интерес к тому, что я делаю. Мне нравится делать скульптуры. Мне нравится, что я делаю . и конечно же моя мотивация прославляется. и занять свое место в Зале Славы. )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    Thank you, guys. I don't quite understand what love comes to the conversation. If we are talking about the love of my life. and if you're talking about love and attention to my work. It gives me great pleasure to your attention and interest in what I'm doing. I like doing sculpture. I like what I'm doing. and of course my motivation is. and take its place in the Hall of the SLA.
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    These hyenas are just so good. I don't think I will ever reach this level of quality and dynamism.

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    Just unbelievable skill set you have. Your one of my fav sculptors in the world man!!!!ingeniuos,brilliant and just masterful.

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    Your work is absolutely gorgeus, wow. I would love to paint your stuff, amazing!

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