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    I am the happy owner of a couple of Denis works and the amount of detail that they have sculpted is one of the best I've seen, lots and lots of work, effort and precision into each figure!!!
    This hand is awesome, it even seems to have fingerprints on the tips of each finger! I thought it was Gollum's hand. LOL ^^
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    Yes Joseph. You're right. At the ends of the fingers have fingertips . The artist of your caliber will be able to emphasize this detail . Thank for the compliment. )))))

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    Thank you for sharing those in process pictures, it's really helpful to see how you develop the sculpture. It's especially relevant to me as I want to sculpt a hand for a bust I'm painting!

    I do have a question on these. At what points are you stopping to let the putty harden? I created a collage image of your pictures below. Do you work straight from 1 to 4/5/6 in one sitting or do you take breaks to let your initial work harden? I'd be interested to know more about the process if you're willing to share some tips. Thank you!
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    I do detail from beginning to end. The start and finish. Only then do heat treatment.

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    Brilliant insight into your processes Denis...fascinating and invaluable stuff

    Much appreciated

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    Thanks for remembering to take all those pictures as you worked, Denis! It really gives great insight into your technique (which is really amazing, especially given you sculpt everything unhardened).

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