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    We have a two bedroom house. All the kids' clothes get stored right now in our next bed bedroom.but we are repurposing this bedroom as a guest room. but I need storage ideas. I have four kids ages of 4, 2, 1 and I had like to be able to pick out their own clothes if they ever want. Do you guys have any recommendations or ideas? Needs to be cheap.

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    Well, the section of the forum is label 'General Discussion'... though perhaps this is a bit too general of a topic.

    I don't have any useful answers for this question. But, if you want to ask something more model or miniature figure related, we could probably be of more help.

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    I had the same issue of storing my things when I moved to my new house, I got these wall storage cabinets build in my store room by an expert dealing in in Canada. You can try them if u stay at some place in Canada. Seriously I would also suggest you go with wall storage cabinets so that it doesn't take much of the space of your room.

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