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Thread: Kuribo's Mansions of Madness WIP

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    You have done an amazing job.

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    Great Cloak!
    This is my gallery

    Really thx for your votes&comments!

    And this is my WIP

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    My wife has started painting a set of the Sisters...great inspiration for us to see someone else's approach to the deer/riders!

    And the freehand on the cloak is amazing! Keep 'em coming!

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    Thank you all so much for the positive feedback! It means a lot and I'm overwhelmed to see so many of you like this mini. I also appreciate your feedback Chaotic and really glad to hear that your wife is painting Sisters of the Thorn, DeBeebs. They're great models with a lot fine details. A bit underrated in my opinion as well!

    If any of you would like to vote on Radagast, I've put him up in my gallery here. If you have the time and desire, your vote would be greatly appreciated I'm tackling a bigger project once again so updates may be a bit slow from me. I'll try to comment on as many of your threads as I can in the meantime!

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    Voted and comment left :-)

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    Top work Kuribo, I'm not familiar with the LOTR/Hobbit minis, is the cloak pattern moulded or have you freehanded that on? If it's the latter then I commend you on your constant efforts to improve your work....excellent stuff!

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    Thank you to everyone who voted. Radagast is tied for my highest scoring mini which is a great feeling and very humbling!

    To answer your question Hairster, those details are molded and while they are very fine, I can't claim to have freehanded them!

    I have to apologize for not being more active over the last couple of weeks. I've been busier and haven't been able to keep up with my thread or others. I've tried to get caught up today and I hope to post a bit more regularly once again. I have had a busy few weeks as far as painting goes as well. Unfortunately, my airbrush has broken after I've only had it for a few months so I guess I'll be getting another one of those one of these days.

    The good news is that I got another troll done. I think this one is a bit better than the last one I painted but I realized while working on this guy that I could sink tons of hours into it and make it look better but that I wouldn't enjoy doing so and it would be better for me to try and get him done quickly since it is for gaming. I will finish his base and take better pictures later on.
    Name:  Second Troll WIP .jpg
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    Name:  Second Troll WIP 2.jpg
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    I also tackled my first finecast miniature and it wasn't horrible but it definitely came with some frustrations like extra prep work and pieces that don't glue together smoothly. With that said, I tried to do a good job on Yazneg who is one of the few evil heroes in the Hobbit mini range and I think he came out pretty well. It was an interesting challenging painting up such a villainous character in dark colors! I ended up making a homemade lightbox to get pictures of this guy and honestly, these might be the crispest, best-lit pictures I've taken. I'll be using the lightbox more in the future as I think a few of my recent additions to the gallery could have scored higher if I took better pictures.
    Name:  Yazneg 1.jpg
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    Name:  Yazneg 2.jpg
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    I have something special that I'm working on for my next update so stay tuned for that!
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    Good to see you around!
    The fellow on the wolf looks nice.

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    Looks nice. The wolf seems a little glossy for good pictures though.

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    Nice progress on the finecast rider. Looking forward to the "special" :-)

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    ugh finecast! I bought one mini made from that, didn't realize it was when I bought it so always read the fine print, that I didn't even bother with as it was pitted really badly. Nice job on the Troll though!

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    Thanks for all the nice comments everyone!

    I had a good time at Adepticon last weekend and was blown away by the scale of it. I was ready to blow my retirement money on Forge World stuff and couldn't find their booth amidst the madness! That was disappointing. I did find a nice Arena Rex gladiator I'll paint up as a gift for my brother this year but beyond that, I didn't buy much.

    Seeing the stuff in the Crystal Brush case bordered on a religious experience. It was incredible seeing such well-painted and elaborate works in person. I may just have to enter next year and see how miserable I do. With that said, I thought the pieces were really poorly lit and it was complete chaos just trying to actually see what is in the case which was less than ideal.

    Having Adepticon behind me, I ended up finish the "something special" I promised below. It feels good to have this guy done as well as to work with snow again for the first time in a long time and paint up actual slate rocks for the first time. My brush gave out on me while painting the plinth which is why the texture on the front is rough. That was a frustrating way to end this project but hopefully you all enjoy it. I'll try and get this Dwarf in my gallery in the near future!

    Name:  Silur Scibor Dwarf Lord Front.jpg
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    Name:  Silur Scibor Dwarf Lord Back.jpg
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    I love that watch rider . Dwarf is looking very corpulent as well. A fine fat painted specimen .

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    The Arena Rex minis are nice I bought a bunch last year, but resisted this year. I didn’t even get to look at all the cases for Crystal Brush due to the hordes surrounding them.

    The dwarf looks good. One area you can work on is eyes as that is the weakest point (aand my eys suck as well). Mighr be worth getting Reapers gibbering mouther (iirc). All the eyes on that would be a good practice mini.

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    The lions face is looking very good.
    The armor is, from my point of view, a bit too shiny for a dwarf. If this was
    on intention, just ignore my comment

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    Nice effort. I think the pelt, in particular, looks good.

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    Looks good. My favorite part is the very top of the pelt, mostly where is is highlighted, but a little lower as well. The texture on that section is really crisp, and adds a lot of dimension to that area of the model. Armor looks swell, and I agree that the he's just calling for some filth (that's a subjective opinion, others may disagree) to add to the character. Can't wait to see what else you've got going on, so keep it coming!

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    Would definitely recommend a rattle can of black spray for those plinths..so much easier to get a smooth finish than brushing.

    The Scibor model looks great on the scenic base and the snowy slate effects work well.

    Would agree with KB about the eyes....might be worth a revisit if you have the motivation...eyes are not the easiest things to work on as we all know. Sometimes a gentle application of very thin deep red/violet ink or paint around the rim of the eye can help the definition between the skin and the eyeball...if your eyes are anything like as bloodshot as mine it will certainly give a more accurate representation.

    If you are up to it as well a secondary dot of blue/green/brown etc on the black centre will also give a less stark representation....if you are feeling ultra confident you can then go for a secondary black dot and if you are feeling completely reckless a tiny spec of white highlight....

    Well worth a practise at some point!

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    I really appreciate the feedback from each and every one of you! You all helped me the strengths and flaws of the dwarf and ultimately, I decided not to post the Scibor dwarf in my gallery as I realized that I had let some mistakes happen without properly cleaning them up. I treated the Scibor Dwarf as if I was painting it like a high quality gaming piece and let some mistakes go early on when I should have been more careful and deliberate. You can't have it both ways when display painting and I certainly learned that lesson on this guy.

    In more positive news, I have been grinding away at the last goblins from my Hobbit starter set and I finally finished all 36 of them and that means I finished the whole box set! Finishing a GW box set is no small feat and took me a year to do even with really high motivation. I will never buy a set that large again lightly because I now understand what is required to see it through to the end. With that said, I had a blast painting all of these goblins and I'm really, really proud of how they look together, even more so than I expected. I hope you all enjoy these photos and if you want to vote on these guys, you can here in my gallery. As always, your votes are greatly appreciated

    Name:  Escape From Goblin Town Goblin King close-up.jpg
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    Name:  Escape From Goblin Town All Goblins Painted 1.jpg
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    Great work with the Gobbo's.

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