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    After seeing over months only LotR minis
    this is like a cultural shock
    Nice start on the 40k one. The blue is coming good.
    A week is left for the competition. Looking forward
    to see how this develops!

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    Very nice start, bud. I’d just say to be sure to desaturate some of your colors. If that cloak stays along the lines it’s going, that will be a good thing.
    I like the little red gemstones. They pop nicely.

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    Stay the course bud. Your knocking these models out of Fenway!!!

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    Thank you for the encouragement Graishak, Toad, and BAM! I needed it at the time as I was doubting myself a bit.

    Got through some difficult cold white sections and now the Farseer is starting to come together a bit more. I need to try and fix a few things before moving on to the weapon and then the base but hopefully, he is still looking good and progressing nicely. Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as always!

    Name:  Eldar Farseer WIP 2.0 - 1.jpg
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    Name:  Eldar Farseer WIP 2.0 - 2.jpg
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    Really nice work on the Farseer!

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    Damn kuribo that farseer is looking really good... the work with the white is excellent. I would suggest you could push the contrast on the Green cloak a little more, just to help it really pop. Glazing in a little bit more shadow into the recessed folds would be really beneficial in helping it come alive.

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    Smooth! Nice work!

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    The whites look great, very nicely done! And I love the blue cloak too.

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    Really appreciate the kind words and suggestions for improvement. I think I'm done on this guy (or very nearly so anyway). I don't think he is up to snuff for Golden Demon because some surfaces are a little rough but I'm immensely proud of how he turned out. Probably my best miniature and he's one of the few display pieces where what I envisioned in my head actually came true! I'll probably get him up in the gallery soon and I'll let you know when I do. Any other feedback or suggestions for improvement are appreciated as well!

    Name:  Eldar Farseer Finished 3.jpg
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    Name:  Eldar Farseer Finished 2.jpg
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    I decided to go ahead and throw the Farseer into my gallery. If you don't mind throwing me a vote, I would appreciate it. You can do so at the following link: http://www.coolminiornot.com/440412

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    Thanks Gorb and thanks to everyone who voted. The Farseer was the first mini that ever went up with time. I was a bit disappointed when he was hovering around 7.0 and I was expected him to drop under that and to my surprise he was above 7.5 last time which made me quite happy.

    I took a bit of a break from CMON to focus on gaming pieces and I thought I'd been posting a lot so maybe it was time to let some others take the spotlight but I'm back and intend on posting regularly again. I got more terrain done for gaming and another Hunter Orc on Warg. Only 7 more to do now....

    Name:  Eriador Tree Stump Terrain.jpg
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    Name:  Hunter Orc on Fell Warg - Fifth.jpg
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    I also finally got a game in with the trolls I finished a few months ago with all my terrain so I figure why not show off a picture of that too
    Name:  Roast Mutton 7.jpg
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    Finally, I'm going to be working on a lot of hobbits and Shire terrain in the future as I want to play through the Scouring of the Shire. Hopefully, I can keep making progress on all of the Hobbit minis I started and still do some Shire stuff too. Here is Farmer Maggot and his dogs who will be based later once I've made some terrain.
    Name:  Farmer Maggot and Dogs 1.jpg
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    I’ll echo what everybody has already declared that the farseer is a prortrayal of some nice meat and smooth magazine worthy paintjob . Bravo

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    Well, I'm back after quite a long time. It has been quite the journey since I last posted. I was mostly focused on painting MESBG for gaming but I realized that I don't have enough storage space to play the game in the way I wanted and have dialed that back. I also realized that I wasn't pushing my skills enough because I spent so much time and energy painting stuff for gaming (which wasn't leading to enough gaming for my taste as well) so now I'm back and focused on pushing my skills much more than I have in a while. Here are a couple of the better things I painted while away.

    Name:  Galadriel LOTR 1.jpg
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    I was trying to paint this guy for Golden Demon but I couldn't get the sword done in TMM in a way that was worthy of that competition and then it got cancelled anyway so that saved me a bit of frustration. This also opened the door for me to start exploring NMM which eventually led me back to here
    Name:  Theoden on Foot Finished 1.jpg
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    Name:  Theoden on Foot Finished 2.jpg
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    And more recently, I finished this little guy. He's my first attempt at anything impressive in NMM. I plan on putting him in my gallery soon but I'll follow up on here when I've had a chance to do so.
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    These look great Kuribo. Like I mentioned before I love the metals on that shield & axe blade.
    Galadriel looks awesome, you nailed the eyes & face.

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    Nice work on the LotR characters Kuribo! That nmm axe and shield look great!

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    The robes on Galadriel look great but what I like the most is your take on blonde hair. It is one of the few I’ve seen that look so realistic.

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    My my my you’ve been busy. You jumped level after level bud.outstanding.

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    NMM on the Dwarf's shield is really nice worked out!
    Would you share the colours you've used for this?

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    Thank you all for the kind comments and warm welcome back! I really appreciate it. I will try and update you on some more stuff I've worked on and am currently working on soon.

    @Graishak - I used the following GW paints for the NMM: Rhinox Hide > Mournfang Brown > XV-88 > Balor Brown > Zameesi Desert > Skull White. The trick is to keep everything smooth when you're going from dark all the way to light like that. I hope that helps!

    I posted the Scibor Dwarf Lord in my gallery and would appreciate a vote, if you don't mind. You can click here to access it. I just put it up a couple of minutes ago but hopefully by the time you see this, its open for voting.

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