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    Definate level up. A 9.1 in my book which rounds up to a ten!

    (and I like the broken statues on the base)

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    You know my opinions on this one buddy. Voted!

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    My apologies for disappearing in the near year thus far. Things have been busy but I've still managed to get some painting accomplished. Some of this ties into some New Year's Resolutions I have too so we can discuss that at the end.
    Name:  Goblins Hobbit Escape From Goblin Town 16, 17, 18, 19, 20.jpg
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    I have five more goblins down from the Escape From Goblin Town set. I believe I have 20/36 done. I enjoy painting these little guys especially as a palette cleanser between projects but at the same time, I'm getting eager to have them all done. I've had the box set for a number of months now and it would nice to have it fully completed.

    Name:  Goblin Scribe 1.jpg
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    Name:  Goblin Scribe 2.jpg
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    I took a big step towards getting the box set done by finally finishing the Goblin Scribe. I could not figure out how to assemble this guy for the longest time and it finally clicked into place (literally!) and I was able to wrap this guy up. Not an especially good paint job but this was more about getting something done that would fit the rest of the work I've done then it was making it look amazing. It was honestly a pain to paint so I'm very, very relieved its over.

    Name:  Hunter Orc 1 .jpg
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    I also tackled a new sculpt to test out how I want to paint another Hobbit army, I'll be working on in 2019. The hunter orcs are painfully pointy but the little details are really nice and a real pleasure to paint. Hobbit minis really are high quality and GW probably doesn't get enough credit for that.

    So what goals do I have for 2019, too many to accomplish them all to be honest but there is a few:
    - Finish Escape From Goblin Town Box Set
    - Keep painting Hobbit/LOTR minis as I have tons of scenarios I want to play and I have quite a backlog that has built up too
    - Create my first terrain pieces for the previously mentioned scenarios
    - Paint a larger scale mini (probably 54mm)
    - Complete a couple of new dioramas/display pieces
    - Continue experimenting with some non-GW minis to find others I like to paint

    We'll see what of this list I'm able to finish this year and I'm sure whatever I accomplish it will be another fun year of painting. I look forward to seeing everyone's projects in 2019!

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    Nice work on the Goblins. Yeah, I have been tempted to get the new Gandalf and Shadowfax pack as I like the poses of the minis. Nice set of goals there, I am sure you will be able to crack though most, if not all, of them, but I do know that other obligations seem to have a nasty habit of getting in the way of painting time.

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    Nice lookin gobs!!!!!

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    I like your gobs, and I like your style that is nowhere else to be seen.

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    Felt sure I had commented on your finished Elk model Kuribo...apparently not!

    Definitely good advice taken with the leaves...looks so much more natural now.

    So good to watch you work hard and develop your painting. Keep at it, a goals list for 2019 is a great way to set out your stall for the coming year as well.

    Keep at it!

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    The gobbo scribe looks awesome mate... really nice job.

    well as far as the larger figure goes for your 2019 goals, I’ve got a devil girl bust sitting in my cupboard with your name on it

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    The orc warrior at the end is looking awesome... on a good way forward.
    I like the "war painting" you did in brown on his face... this guy is looking for some elves to kill ;-)

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    The orc and gobbos are cool, but that contraption is a strange looking thing.

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    Thank you all so much for the kind words! I always worry that seeing more of the same minis I've painted before will be boring for you all to see but you guys certainly make me feel otherwise.

    Eki - You should definitely give a Middle Earth mini a shot. They are really great sculpts (other than maybe some face details on the latest ones) and I think you'd enjoy it.

    Chaotic - Uh oh, you're going to have to put me on a payment plan for that lass! I'll try to send you a message in the near future so we can talk more about Hellgirl

    KB - Peter Jackson came up with some odd designs for the goblins in the movies. This thing is probably the weirdest. I just hope it is sturdy because I don't want to ever have to assemble it again.

    I'm working on a couple of exciting projects but I don't have either done far enough to show off my work. Expect to see some pictures soon though!

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    It has been a hectic week but I finally have some pictures to show off. First up, I finished my first Hobbit Warg Rider. It was a lot of fun, if a bit time consuming to paint. For some reason, it looks glossy under the lights even with matte varnish on it but whatever the case, I'm happy with this guy and I look forward to trying out different skin and fur tones on future Warg Riders.
    Name:  Warg Rider First 1.jpg
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    Name:  Warg Rider First 2.jpg
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    I've also started a dwarf from Scibor. I've used quite a bit of Scibor basing materials and really liked them but I've had some dwarves sitting around waiting to be painted for over a year. Fortunately, Foxtail talked me into painting the best looking dwarf of the bunch. I really like the level of contrast on the shield and while I found it a bit tedious painting all the metal parts, I'm fairly happy with how the rest looks. I need to figure out how to take better pictures of the front because the contrast isn't as noticeable in the picture below as in hand. I've been debating weathering the metal a bit further, what do you all think of that? Any tips or recommendations for a dark gold/bronze? I've got the banner left to finish up and then I'll probably buy a fancy dwarf Scibor base for him too.
    Name:  Scibor Golden Guard WIP 1.jpg
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    Name:  Scibor Golden Guard WIP 2.jpg
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    Veeeery niiice!!!

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    Warg rider looks nice!
    As for weathering the dwarf I would consider trying to boost up the contrast at first, add more dark color to shadows and some shiny silver on edges.

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    Yikes, has it really been so long since my last update? I've had a bit of a painting slump in terms of quality. The dwarf project got canned because the banner was too big for the place it was supposed to sit. I tried every trick I can think of and nothing worked. I tried to take up a 40k mini to paint up for Foxtail and I did not do a great job with it and got pretty frustrated. Fortunately, I did manage to get another Warg Rider done which came out fairly well.

    Name:  Hunter Orcs Warg Rider 2.jpg
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    This past week I put my heart and soul (cliche I know) into a mini that I've been hanging on to until I felt like I was ready to paint it. It is among the most detailed but with tiny details at that, minis that GW has made for The Hobbit. The pictures I took are a bit too dark and I still need to varnish him at some point so I will retake them before I put this guy up in the gallery. If you have any feedback on Radagast, I will certainly consider it as well! Hopefully this is one of the better minis I have painted and I'm certainly proud of it and relieved the project went well too.

    Name:  Radagast on Foot Front.jpg
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    Name:  Radagast on Foot Back.jpg
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    Attached Images Attached Images  
    Last edited by Kuribo; 02-23-2019 at 05:30 PM. Reason: Replaced images with Photoshopped ones because the lighting was so bad.

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    The pictures I took yesterday were so underwhelming, I decided to reshoot the mini today with better lighting. Please ignore the previous ones

    Name:  Radagast Escape From Goblin Town Final.jpg
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    Name:  Radagast Escape From Goblin Town Final 2.jpg
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    Name:  Radagast Escape From Goblin Town Final 3.jpg
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    Great work Kuribo! Really love the Radagast guy. His cloak came out looking amazing! Face and everything else look awesome too. Awesome minis you have there!

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    Texture on the cloak is great Kuribo!

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    Hell yeah mate, ragagast is brilliant. Some really exceptional work on the face, especially the eyes. The overall work with the blending is great too, like on the cloak and the work with the hair. You have done a brilliant job. Can’t really fault anything on this one. One thing you possibly could try (really not necessary though) is to slightly point highlight that freehand stitching on the satchel, to give it a kind of depth. But yeah it really won’t matter if you don’t. This is awesome painting mate, a massive leap forward in your painting. Well done indeed

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    Radagast is gorgeous. The free hand on the jacket gives it that heavy embroidered look. He seems closer to a true scale like the RedBox Games minis too. I would call this a level up mini.

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