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    Hairster - You got it! I'm working on something that has a better sculpt and will push my skills further than this guy did (not that I didn't learn some new things along the way either).

    BDerricks and Fox - Thank you guys both a bunch. I appreciate it!

    I have put the Goblin King up in my gallery for voting. I doubt he will fare as well as Thorin's Company did but here's to hoping! If you don't mind throwing me a vote, you can see the mini here: http://www.coolminiornot.com/431455. I appreciate it as always!

    I'm hard at work on a troll and I look forward to showing off some progress on it soon!

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    Voted. He looks nice especially amongst the rest.

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    Voted! What's next on your desk?

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    Thank you everyone for your votes and comments! I have really appreciated it and am blown away by the scores the last two minis have received. I wouldn't be here without all your help and support!

    To answer you, Graishak, here is what I've been working on!
    Name:  First Troll WIP 1.jpg
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    Name:  First Troll WIP 2.jpg
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    Name:  First Troll WIP 3.jpg
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    Name:  First Troll WIP 4.jpg
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    These are some quick pictures since I don't consider this guy to be fully done yet. Unfortunately, they show some of my modeling deficiencies which is the only thing I'm not especially proud of on this guy. I hope he is getting close though as it took quite a long time to get the skin figured out and the leather has been even more stressful probably because I painted that part last and I was both eager to get it done and very unsure how to paint leather. Foxtail has been a big help and given me lots of useful feedback along the way too! At this point, I'd like to get any additional feedback you might have before I move on to the next project. I will work on the base once I've finished the other two trolls as well.
    Last edited by Kuribo; 11-04-2018 at 01:19 AM. Reason: Forgot a picture.

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    Nice shading work on the Ogre. Is this as well a Lord of the rings mini?

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    Only thing I might be able to add-and it’s strictly optional - and let me first start by saying your painting has catapulted to great lengths in these last few models including Thorin s Co, the goblin and now this wonderfully painted troll. As for further increasing the contrast ide advocate to lay down some-rhinoc hide / dark blue( incubi darkness) 50/50. OR glaze in some agraz earthshade/druchi violet 50/50 or anything that resembles these two tones of shades. Add this in 2-3 places (this is where the sun don’t shine these are those areas under the armpits, between the crotch area inner thighs , and under the chin. This will further your contrast and ones eye will immediately discern these large areas (shapes). Further defining your models at an instant glance.

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    Here are some examples of what I’m trying to say if you look at these examples it should demonstrate exactly what I mean if you were going to try this. Again the models are very well painted and this is really just an extra step if you will.Name:  260C2188-AF59-45AC-B368-90D788FC9B49.jpeg
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    Really nice work on this ogre kuribo, I really like the detail across the skin, looks great.
    As your asking how you can improve, I have to suggest if you want to push your painting a little further, possibly work your highlights up a few more values.
    To me it seems you have some depth with the shadow and then build it up to base colour and that’s where is stops. Don’t get me wrong it looks great, especially this last figure, but with expanding the contrast range by increasing the highlights will dramatically improve the appearance of the mini.
    Just my thoughts

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    That's a great start you have going on with the Troll there. Can't wait to see this one finished up! And can I assume you are doing the other two as well to complete the trio?

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    Thank you all for your feedback! I'll replay to each of you individually.

    Graishak - Yes, this is from the Hobbit range by GW.

    BAM - This is excellent advice and I started glazing some blue in and got scared I was going to damage a bit of the hard work I had done but I will definitely add those shadows into the next two and then come back to the first one when I feel more confident. Thank you so much for the advice!

    Chaotic - I will definitely take that under consideration. I don't go as far with highlights as I should and I can certainly work on improving that. Thank you for the suggestion!

    Eki - Thank you! I have no idea how I'm going to base him right now but I look forward to it too. I will be working on the next two trolls soonish. I think I'll take a break off to work on other projects and then I'll jump back in. I wouldn't mind getting some scenery together before I take final pictures and base these trolls too but we'll see what I have time and ambition for

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    Hey Kuribo, great start on the big guy...your progress as a painter is clear to see.

    CC and Bam have hit the two areas on the head where you can push to step things up again. (appreciate this is sometimes a leap of faith on minis you dont want to ruin though)

    You have nailed the mid tones on this....what is needed IMO is more extremes of dark and light to give the mini more volume.

    Definately take BAM's advise on the darker colours, adding blues, violets and red to create variation in the deeper areas and areas where there would naturally be more blood closer to the surface. Once done you can then enhance this with those extra highlights - pushing to almost white. Increased highlights to the knees, ankles, knuckles (toe and finger) and elbows where there are more defined ridges and peaks in the skin.

    When you are ready take the step and experiment...it will definitely kick things on to a new level especially on these skin heavy miniatures.

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    Hairster, your feedback is much appreciated as always! When I pick up the next troll which will probably be soon, I will take all of your suggestions into consideration! I hope to swing back and make the original troll even better looking soon too.

    My apologies for being gone from the site for a bit. Had some family visiting last weekend and a busy week at work. Somehow, I've made great strides on a long-term display piece I'm working on. Here is a look at the currently antler-less elk!
    Name:  Autumn Elk WIP 1.jpg
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    Name:  Autumn Elk WIP 2.jpg
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    Name:  Autumn Elk WIP 3.jpg
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    Obviously, there is more to come on this guy but I want to get your feedback on him as he stands now. I'm hoping to make this my most ambitious and best-looking display piece yet! I also want to show you my first attempt at painting an elk at a display level from a about a year ago. It is a bit embarrassing to look at now but it shows you how much you can improve if you hang around these forums enough!
    Name:  Autumn Elk WIP 4.jpg
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    Drastically different !!!! Well ...no..no .. SÚPER / UBER WELLDONE BUD!!!!

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    Definitely a few level ups between these two deer. Really nice smooth blends and the contrast is pretty spot on. Keep it coming buddy

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    Great job on the elk! You have improved a good bit between the two.

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    Agree with others, that is a nice elk ha. Great colours and blending

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    Bloody brilliant mate...the progression in your painting really shows. Looks fantastic...

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    Awesome improvment. With your improved skill, it wouldn't take you much effort to bring the old elk up a few knotches.

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    Nice work on the elk... seems like you're as well preparing something for Christmas?
    This week our local GW store launched a message, that there will be an x-mas competition.

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    Thank you guys all for the kind words! I apologize for disappearing too. I was out of town for Thanksgiving Break and have been busy painting since then. Hopefully this update proves worth the wait.

    Here is a peak at the nearly finished elk with his horns on. The horns really took some time and they may not be quite perfect but I think they're close to what I wanted and really finish off the elk nicely. GW does runes or magic glow in the center of the horns and I think I will probably go for a more naturalistic finish and leave as is.
    Name:  Autumn Elk WIP 5.jpg
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    I've been working hard on the rider and learning a few new tricks along the way. This is the first time I've done gems for example. Painting all the LOTR/Hobbit minis prepared me well for the details on this guy. I have a feeling I still need to do some more blending on the cloak but if you see anything else that needs work do let me know as I hope to get the rider done in the near future. Once I do that, I will probably take a bit of a break before I tackle the base. Painting for display is something I have limited experience with and it is a bit of a struggle for me to stay patient and not doubt the work I'm doing. I commend those of you who can paint at the highest level and produce such excellent results consistently.

    Name:  Wild Rider WIP 1.jpg
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    Name:  Wild Rider WIP 3.jpg
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    Name:  Wild Rider WIP 2.jpg
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