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Thread: Kuribo's Mansions of Madness WIP

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    Kuribo, you've done again a fantastic basing. I really love the combinations you did of grass, earth, rocks and little flowers. Great job!!!

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    Excellent work on the Hobbits. Really dig the warpainted orc. Comparing to the previous orcs, there seems to be a lot more definition to the features of the creature. The warpaint adds a very contrasted focal point that automatically draws the attention to the face. Great job!

    Keep it coming!

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    Thank you all so much for the feedback on the latest minis. I truthfully didn't think I had done anything all that great so hear your kind words made me appreciate the progress I have made.

    The last couple weeks have been interesting. I started painting Sam from a new Fellowship set that GW re-released and I put a ton of energy into making him look as good as possible with the thought that I could enter the "squad" in the Golden Demon next year. Painting metal miniatures proved to be too hard and frustrating and I messed up the surfaces a bit on him. He still looks pretty good but I can't get past the imperfections. Once I get more of them done and based I'll show him off.

    So instead, what I also got done was my first piece of terrain! Thanks to the Terrain Tutor's very helpful Youtube channel, this was pretty easy to put together on a CD base. I kept the basing scheme of my recent miniatures as I want them to match the board I'm slowly but surely going to put together. I hope to have more minis to show off in my next update but hopefully these are interesting to enough to share with all of you!

    Name:  Eriador Hill 2.jpg
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    Name:  Eriador Hill 4.jpg
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    Love me some terrain! Looks great! I’ll bet a hobbit could hide behind there quite well.

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    Nice work on the terrain piece and thanks for the YT channel (I didn't know it existed)

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    So now I know how to make usage of all those old "CD's", which are sitting here in the rack :-)
    There are more pieces of terrain planned? Just for gaming or as well to build a LotR diorama?
    I see big potential, that you're building up something fantastic.

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    Sam Sam sam, cause I think you didn’t screw him up at all. I know like the rest of us that you are being hyoercritical and compulsive- which is a good thing. Put him up and if there is something maybe we can help you still get to the squad to golden demon you had planned. I believe in you mate. We all do.

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    Thank you all for the kind words as always! I have definitely been a bit down on my painting after doing so well in previous weeks but your support has helped me get over and enjoy painting again.

    Eki - Terrain Tutor is a great channel and can help with a lot of different projects. His enthusiasm is infectious as well.

    Graishak - I think some of the terrain I am working on will end up being used for some pictures here on CMON but I mostly have it in mind for gaming. When I started painting, I wanted to do dioramas but I find that gaming pieces are more my speed and if I do a good enough job painting and creating the terrain, you can get close to a diorama but still have something you can use which is nice

    Since you asked for it, BAM, here are pictures of the two members of the Fellowship I've worked on. Both were with the intention of painting them as well as I can and not being afraid to sink some time into them. Obviously, the basing is yet to come.
    Name:  Sam - Breaking of the Fellowship - WIP.jpg
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    Sam has two issues. His left eye does not look great and the bottom part is almost impossible to even up with a brush for some reason. He also has uneven paint on that cheek which is really easy to spot with the naked eye even if it isn't very clear in the picture. I don't think there is any fixing that issue and I'm sure a Golden Demon judge would spot it right away.

    Name:  Boromir - Breaking of the Fellowship - WIP.jpg
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    I also tackled Boromir and had similar trouble with uneven paint. His right eye looks like it is bulging in-hand even though it looks a lot better in this picture than I would have ever guessed. Keeping textures and paint smooth on metal models seems to be my greatest challenge and I'm much more skilled at painting plastic.

    These are the reasons why I'm not planning on submitting these minis to Golden Demon but I would gladly take any advice on how to paint metal minis better as I still have the rest of the Fellowship to paint and lots of LOTR minis are still made in metal. I do have new plans for Golden Demon which might include a surprise 40k mini I just purchased on eBay and I am now thinking about painting a newish plastic LOTR mini that I think I can show off my skills with. I've heard that LOTR/Hobbit only has a single miniature category anyway so focusing on that sculpt in the coming months seems like a better route than these old metal sculpts. So despite a few minor setbacks, I will get some minis done to a high standard in the nearish future and I look forward to sharing my progress and getting your feedback on them too

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    Yeah, I actually backed the book he is put out on Kickstarter, but didn't realize he had a YT channel as I had never run across it before. But yeah, watched a couple videos and seems like he does have some really good tips and walk-throughs.
    Hmm, I haven't really noticed a difference between painting plastic or metal figures. Maybe with metal you need to sand/file them a little more as there tends to be some excess metal in places or micro gouges that you don't typically see on say GW plastics, but other than that I have actually enjoyed painting the Reaper and RBG ones'. I have found that I prefer using Badger Stylnylrez as it seems to fill some minor gaps/gouges a little better than some of the others I have used. Other than that a soak in a container with dish detergent and then a good scrub with the toothbrush prior to priming was all I really did.

    Oh, and I actually like sam and Boromir. Sams eye is kind of noticeable (maybe a little kit bashing will help, get an arrow and put it in his eye, then just add blood and tada, eye problem solved) Boromir's right eye (left as looking in picture) seems to be a little to close to the inside giving it a cock-eye appearance but it doesn't seem that bad. But I understand, I mess something up and think it looks like complete junk but others can see beyond one mistake.

    Okay seriously, maybe if you got some rubbing alcohol on a q-tip you could rub enough of the paint on the face off to re-prime and start over or maybe a little easier, just use some Bugman's Glow and paint in the eye socket and redo the eye. You would have to touch up the face around it and that would solve the cheek area you mentioned as well. Just have to make sure you get your paints to match if you didn't use some stock skin tone paints (I tend to mix mine with a couple reaper paints). I think it is actually fixable though.
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    Metal minis can be a real stepchange to work on if you've been use to plastic, same with resin. I think its just down to the quality and smoothness of the surfaces and edges.

    Those metal minis have a rough textured surface even on the flat areas and edges dont quite behave how you would expect them to.

    I always find paints seem to respond differently as well...would take plastic and resin (not finecast) any day of the week over metal.

    Cool scenery piece by the way!

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    What’s up, Kuribo. My best advice for prepping metal minis (all the RBG figures are metal) is to polish them with the finest steel wool you can find after you’re done with files & blades. I have 0000 grit and it works great. Stuff is dirt cheap at a hardware store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaintToad View Post
    Stuff is dirt cheap at a hardware store.
    And even dirt cheapier at Walmart if one is close to you.

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    So far so good Kuribo, you're doing a great job. The original LotR Fellowship pack GW did was actually what got me back into the hobby after few years out. I thought they were so good (not my painting, the actual figures lol) but I'd love to redo them today at some point.
    And you are providing good inspiration!

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    Thank you, Hairster, Eki, and Toad for the advice! My painting coach, Foxtail, insisted that I start priming metal minis so I'm going to start doing that in the future and see if that helps improve my results. It is probably something I should have been doing from the very beginning but you live and you learn.

    Sigmar3 - That is fantastic, mate! Really glad to hear it! I hope you'll share your work on them on here so I can see how it goes!

    I've been away for what feels like forever. That is partly because I went out of town for July 4 but also because a couple of projects I have been working on have been dragging on. The first thing I finished was another Hunter Orc on Warg. The feedback I got was so positive that I decided I wanted to do another one sooner than I was expecting. I feel like I got the orc's skin done well and I have a better understanding of how to paint orc skin than ever before but I could have pushed the highlights on the warg a bit more (I was trying to paint that part a bit too fast). I still have eight more of these guys to paint so you'll be seeing plenty more in the coming months.

    Name:  Hunter Orc on Fell Warg - 4th - 1.jpg
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    Name:  Hunter Orc on Fell Warg - 4th - 2.jpg
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    Even more exciting than that, I also made my first trees! I made them using Woodland Scenics and learned some hard lessons. Do not use Hob-E-Tac for wargaming trees! It was kind of devastating watching all of my foliage fall off the tree when I sprayed it with watered down PVA to finish the tree. Making terrain like this has been fun to learn and hopefully these two look good. Any feedback or advice is much appreciated as I have 14 more to make in the coming months. I should also add that I will be basing these in the future so they're far from finished though they should make for some really cool pictures when all is said and done.

    Name:  First Two Trees WIP.jpg
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    Finally, I'm going to tease you all by saying I'm working on something display-level that is from Warhammer 40k. I'm probably jinxing it by saying this but I'm trying to create something worthy of entering in GD next year. I'll share some progress on it very soon but I want to get a bit further on the mini before doing so

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    Nice job on the warg rider! And congrats on making your first trees. Sorry I can't give any advice on making them as I haven't tried it yet, but have you looked at Woodland Scenics site, they have a bunch of videos on how to create stuff with their products.

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    The terrain is awesome. I started watching the Terrain Tutors channel for weathering zombie apocalypse buildings and also backed his KS book. It is nice to see someone applying his advice.

    The minis look great to and you have recognized the part you need to work on—-those evil eyes. It might be worth getting the Faceless horror from Reaper https://forum.reapermini.com/index.p...omment-1807180 . It is a cheap Bones mini, but has a boat load of eyes of various sizes to practice on. Also I am not a fan of Reaper’s “Betty Davis Eyes” tutorial, but a lot of folks seem to like It. Here is a link discussing it and some mods: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.p...ond-technique/

    Quote Originally Posted by ekipage View Post
    .... (maybe a little kit bashing will help, get an arrow and put it in his eye, then just add blood and tada, eye problem solved) ROFL. For this to work I would need to make a lot of arrows and use more Blood paint than BAM goes through.


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    Some very cool stuff happening here!!!
    great work with the trees, turned out great... haha sorry for the laugh but that’s the best way to learn by having mistakes you will have to try making your own armatures next, maybe with the twisted wires technique.

    im loving the orc rider scene... excellent work, that looks fantastic. Keep smashing out the good work mate.

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    A big forest of those trees will look great. And make for some terrific glamour shots of your LotR minis!

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    Thank you for all the comments and especially to KB, for the links. I will check them out and keep working on my eyes!

    I have a quick WIP (a rare thing for me, I know!) to show off. I haven't painted much 40k since starting back in the hobby three years ago but I thought it would be a good idea to try and push my skills on this particular mini. If it comes out well enough, perhaps it will go in the Golden Demon. A lot is unfinished and a lot I'm not satisfied with just yet but I'm happy to hear your thoughts and feedback on him/her

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