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Thread: Kuribo's Mansions of Madness WIP

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    Hy Kuribo long time... I know, I know, I’ve been gone for a few months . Trying to find a nice balance between work, family and fun.

    Anyways, your work is looking great. It’s cool to see your improvements through all of your post. Just curious did you finally finish all of your mansion minis?

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    Hey nice work on these last few minis Kuribo, they are looking great !!! I really like the look of the khorne guys, the red looks really good, the deep shade is really effective. Well done

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    the new Korn dude is looking good. I’d darken the shadow areas of the metals a bit make to mole the lights pop a little more
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    The improvement is clearly visible from the last Khorne dude to this one Kuribo, particularly in the shading of the red around the helmet.

    I wouldnt worry about the darkness of the metallics, you can always glaze up if need be. You probalby need a little more transition betwen the gold and the edge highlight in my opinion, Id also try to keep a little less silver on your brush for those edges and try your best to hit the edges with the middle of the brush (not the tip) gliding it perpendicular along the edge. Appreciate this is not always easy on small cramped models but it will give the sharpest best results.

    Keep at it I said before your improvement is clear.

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    I'm finally back and thank you all so much for your comments!

    Shrine - I have about 5 or 6 minis left to paint and I will have two expansions and the base game painted. I actually played a new scenario this weekend, Vengeful Impulses this weekend and had a great time! I'm going to try and finish up some of the last minis I have to paint and will definitely share them in this thread when I do.

    Coyote and Chaotic - Thank you both for your kind words and feedback. I appreciate it!

    Hairster - Any improvement is credit to you and your really helpful feedback. I am getting better but I've still got a long way to go to get to the standard I want. I tried to address your suggestions while working on the Blood Warrior and I will keep working on my edge highlighting. I need to improve my technique.

    I have made significant progress on the Blood Warrior since my last post. To be frank, I had some issues shading parts and you can probably see where in the pictures below. I don't know if I lost patience glazing (certainly possible) or what led to the ink collecting where it did but I don't think it is easily fixable sadly. There are a lot of issues with this mini, the shading, while the high contrast look I was aiming for, is inconsistent and could be improved further with more time and patience. I nearly lost motivation to finish this guy during the week so I don't know how much more TLC he is going to get. I'm hoping the metal work is substantially better than the last one and while I haven't mastered these new Vallejo paint by any means, I think the steel parts of the axe look much better than the first Blood Warrior. With that said, it will be a while before I paint anything else Khorne I imagine.

    Name:  Second Blood Warrior WIP 2.jpg
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    The other project I started and then stopped in favor of the Blood Warrior is this Wild Rider Elk. Truthfully, I'm way out of my depth on this project and chose hard colors to use on the first elk. What do you guys make of it so far? The blending isn't quite there is it? The wood is obviously unfinished and the tail needs a bit more work as well. I ran into another disappointment last night while trying to put the antlers on. I snapped them in half after clipping them and trying to sand off the rough parts. So for the time being, this will be the last you see of this elk for a bit though I fully intend to pick the Wild Riders back up in the future as I want to make a display piece out of at least one of the five in the box.

    Name:  Wood Elves Wild Rider WIP 1.jpg
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    Sensing that I needed a new project and I wanted to find something that would be fun to build and hopefully easier to paint than Khorne, so I am going to the distant future and will be painting some Space Marines next. Hopefully the emperor shines upon me and I can make this new project my best yet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuribo View Post
    I ran into another disappointment last night while trying to put the antlers on. I snapped them in half after clipping them and trying to sand off the rough parts.
    D’oh! A deer. A female deer!

    Honestly mate, the Khorne warrior is looking really good. In the space of a couple of these guys your painting has improved substantially. Don’t sweat things going wrong and losing motivation on him, every model you paint should present you with something to learn, and if it doesn’t you’re not pushing yourself hard enough. This is how we improve.

    The metallics are looking good, especially the axe head. The red armour is spot on, the problems you’ve had aren’t as noticeable as I imagine you think they are. The only things I personally would do on him to round him off is deepen the shades on the leather boots and push he highlights on the braid of hair.

    The elk certainly isn’t bad. The step from that dark shade to the base could do with being blended out a bit with a mid tone. Not a bad effort though

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    Thank you Tero for the kind words! I will keep at it

    Haha, Fox! I appreciate the humor and it certainly helps to make up for the unfortunate antler break. I appreciate all of your advice with the Blood Warrior and I will take your suggestions on the boots and the hair. Once I get a chance to do so, I'll put a picture up in the gallery and see what CMON thinks. I think you're right about learning new things and pushing yourself too. I try to pick a model that has one new thing to learn instead of several new things but maybe I'm just being a little too safe!

    I have been hard at work on my first space marine in ten plus years and I'm having fun trying some new techniques. As soon as I can catch my breath after a busy weekend, I will get a picture or two up so you can see what I've been up to

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    Firstly your doing magnificent. I second that your skills have come up and n a short time. Focus on that. Secondly the reds in the blood warrior are perfectly done- smooth and seemless. What I can add is adding some yelllow to an orange and add that to your highlight color regarding the reds and EDGE highlight this lighter color in at the tops of every edge on the model. REM to add this like a highlight and hit the raised parts of the edges. Basically whatever edge faces the sky. This will give a really nice pop to the already well blended armor. The deer looks good basically just keep going and picking at it. Each pass will get you closer to the results your looking to attain!!! great job .

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    I gotta say you have improved immensely since I was last here. I like seeing your new work outside of your Mansion of Madness minis, those Khrone Blood Warriors are done really well.

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    BAM – Thank you so much for the feedback and I should say that you really helped kick off the recent wave of self-improvement. Your comment that lighting is the main area to focus on is what led to the breakthroughs. I will definitely return to the Blood Warrior and try my best to take your suggestions as well. I’m excited to see if I can make that one look even better.

    Guawol – It’s great to hear from you and thank you for the kind words! Will you be coming back to CMON soon? That would be awesome if so. We miss ya!
    Name:  Space Marines Ultramarine Vanguard Assault Squad 1 - WIP 1.jpg
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    I have tried to take pictures of this guy multiple times and with quite a few less than satisfactory pictures before I got these two. The one is not sharp but it shows the lighting I’ve been working on. This guy is very much half done but I’ve been taking my time and really trying my best to make him look good. Painting Buddha’s video on painting space marine is my main source of inspiration and where many of the techniques come from but I’m really amazed with the results so far on a different and more complicated model. I think it is shaping up to be one of my best yet. Any early feedback is appreciated and I should have more pictures and more updates soon as I’ve made progress since I took these pictures earlier today!

    With that said, I have a question for those of you who paint GW to paint and not play. How do you buy your GW minis? I bought the Space Marines Vanguard Assault Squad because it was only five models and thought that I could finish off this box in a month or two. It is going to take WAY longer than that to finish these as I’m not very far on the first one after almost two weeks of painting regularly! I am now wondering what is the best way to buy GW stuff going forward so I don’t end up buried alive in unpainted plastic!

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    It happens to everyone when painting a whole army by hand, unless you use an airbrush for tabletop quality, and then you can more or less blast through the army in one go. Ultimately if you are playing GW games it will be a long process to complete whatever army you are playing, it's best to paint one unit at a time and hope you don't get burned out before you finish. As for buying, well since it is so costly to buy GW miniatures I bought a starter set containing an army I wanted to play and then expanded it one unit/squad at a time, and at one point a friend bought me a used Ultramarine army off of ebay to fill in the ranks. Now I have soooo many vehicles and units staring at me begging to be painted :P As for your question about me coming back, I plan on it, right now I'am in the process of moving and hoping to be in my new place sometime in March with a new paint station setup so I can start back up.

    Whoops wrote all the above before I saw you wanted advice for not playing If that is the case, buy what you want and if you don't complete the whole unit put the extra models on the back burner and come back to them when you feel like it
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    Hey Kuribo, to answer you question, you’ve really got to batch paint if you want to get them all finished, and it’s the best way if you have the time on your hands to paint, cause the time you finish one coat on everything the first will be dry and you can move on to the next coat/layer etc. for me I only get minimal time for painting sessions so I generally only paint one mini at a time... if I only want to paint one mini of a particular unit I generally search eBay as there is normally someone who breaks up units and sells them separately, you usually pay a little more this way, but I don’t play so the extra figures are no use to me.

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    Guawol - I have noticed that minis from starter sets can be gotten cheaply on eBay and I have gotten a few that way. Fortunately, I'm painting for display / my own collection at this point so I don't have to rush my painting process. I'm sure that is part of the reasons I've gotten better at painting recently too. Thanks for sharing your experiences and I hope you're able to find time to paint your Ultramarine army soon. I look forward to seeing how you get on with it!

    Chaotic - I dabbled in old Warhammer and could never get batch painting to work for me. I enjoy focusing on one thing at a time I guess. Fortunately, that is something I can do now even if I don't ever get an entire unit done, I can live with that if I enjoy what I do paint. I will have to start keeping up with eBay and looking for those individual minis. That is exactly what I'm looking for and I don't mind paying a little extra per figure either. Thank you for the advice!

    Name:  Space Marines Ultramarine Vanguard Assault Squad 1 - WIP 3.jpg
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    Well the smurf is coming together. Other than the freehand text and the gem, I think I've got just about everything painted. I will add some weathering to the legs as well once I begin the base. I'm most proud of the scratches on this mini. I had never tried that before and it is not only easy to do but they look amazing and really make the mini pop. I don't think that power fist looks too shabby either With that said, I know there is plenty that can be improved like the blending on the jetback but if you see anything else I should focus on, let me know! I want to keep pushing myself and see how high of a standard I can get this guy.

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    the marine is looking good, can really see some good improving in your painting in general over the last few pages, good stuff.

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    Thanks Coyote! I appreciate it

    I took a break from the smurf to go back to Khorne for a bit and using Foxtail and BAM's advice I tried to add those final touches to improve it further. I want to say thank you to all of you for the feedback and as I look at this mini again, I appreciate how much I learned and that the final product is better than I originally thought.
    Name:  Third Blood Warrior Final Image 1.jpg
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    If you don't mind, I'd love to have any votes you can throw my way for the Blood Warrior too:
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    Well done Kuribo, this one turned out great... some really nice smooth painting, you should be really proud of what you have achieved...

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    Dude, kudos on that red and that gold. Looks gorgeous!
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    Dang, Kuribo, if I haven't said so before, the overall improvement of your painting is inspiring! You have come a long way in a short time and it's awesome!

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    Nicely done , looks grand. Voted on your gallery pick as well

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