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Thread: Kuribo's Mansions of Madness WIP

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    Those highlights on the chaos dude gave nice boost and it is awesome that you are really taking the advice to heart and applying it. And btw...the smurf marine is another step up, so you continue to improve with each mini.

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    Of course I voted buddy. The Khorne warrior is looking great, and I’m still noticing things I’m impressed by on him (skin on the hands!)

    Every once I a while I go back to your first page, just to remind myself how far you’ve come in such a short space of time. Onwards and upwards mate!

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    I just wanted to say thanks to each and every one of you! I appreciate your kind words, encouragement, and also your votes on the Blood Warrior. He's currently at 7 which is my highest rated mini so I'm really happy with that and I know I wouldn't have earned that score without your generosity (there are some tough voters on here!).

    To respond to Fox in particular, I have come from being a total noob who was painting "Thriller" cultists and learning the basics of painting to whatever level painter I am now! It has been a blast learning this hobby and I'm having just as much fun painting as I have ever had. I'm working on a pretty ambitious new mini that I will be looking for feedback on soon so I'll be back sooner than later

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    Name:  SAM_2905.jpg
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    Name:  SAM_2905.jpg
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    I'm really excited to show off what I've been working on most recently! Most of the stuff I've been painting were practice pieces but this guy I'm actually doing for my collection and to hopefully show off a lot of the things I've learned. I've run into frustration in one particular area though. The inside of his cape has been a massive pain to paint and I really should have done this thing in sub-assemblies (a lesson I hopefully will learn). The Celestra Gray, Ulthuan Gray, and White Scar will not blend together smoothly. I think the paints are maybe just too thin but they end up turning into this soupy mess if I try to wet blend them. The current blending doesn't look smooth enough to my eyes and I'm having trouble getting it straightened out. Any tips for that part would be much appreciated and any other feedback on the early stages of this project is appreciated too. Obviously, his shoulder plate needs to be cleaned up (bit of an accident with gold paint there) but other than that, I think the front of the Knight Questor is getting there and he'll be ready for arms soon.

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    Nice work man, this is coming along great and looks really good. I know a lot of people like to paint fully assembled but I normally paint in sub assembly for this reason.. you could always try two brush feathering. One brush loaded with paint, the other a wet (not soaked) clean brush. Apply the paint and use the the wet brush to pull and blend the colour into the underlying colour. You could work from the lighter colours into the dark deepest recesses? This is how I would probably tackle this anyways. There’s stack of videos on YouTube about how to do this technique, it’s quite easy to do. And to go one further you can then use glazes to further smooth the transitions and provide deeper shades in the cloth folds.
    im sure you will work out something to get the job done, can’t wait to see how you progress with this

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    Thanks Chaotic! I appreciate your feedback as always. I have tried some more layering and I think I've improved it a bit. Your Youtube suggestion was definitely the inspiration for improvement so thank you again

    Name:  Ultramarine Vanguard Veteran 1 - Finished 1.jpg
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Size:  271.1 KBName:  Ultramarine Vanguard Veteran 1 - Finished 4.jpg
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    I have finally put the finishing touches on the Smurf Marine. I think this might be my best mini yet with the exception of some modeling deficiencies. I tried to drill out the front of the barrel and despite thinking I had it lined up, it was sadly, crooked. Oh well. Lesson learned. I am mostly proud of the base which is probably the best scratch built base I've done yet. I still need more practice with GW's Agrellan Earth. It crackled nicely but some of the pieces broke off and I didn't do a great job painting over it because I lost some of the cracks by getting paint in between. Oh well. It still looks suitably desert-like. If you have any suggestions to improve this guy further, I'll gladly take them. Otherwise, I'll put this guy up in the gallery sometime in the near future.

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    Nice work on the marine. The blends are looking nice, I think you just need a bit of refinement with neatness and you’d be well on your way to a superb mini.

    Have you tried keeping the mini separate from the base until both are finished? I mount mine on brass rod so I can work on the base and the model apart. It can make getting to the difficult spots on a model easier as well.

    Good work though mate. Coming along nicely.

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    Thanks for the feedback as always Fox! I think the modeling neatness needs work and my edge highlighting is still sloppy (I can see a few places where I probably can do better on this marine) so I will keep working on those areas. I think your suggestion about changing how I paint is a good one. I don't usually keep the base separate from the mini and usually put the base and mini together first thing.

    Pardon the daft question but can you share where you buy these brass rods? I will definitely pick some up and try it. I have dropped both the Space Marine and the Stormcast several times because I lose my grip on the base and the Stormcast had his sword broken today from a drop. Thankfully it wasn't hard to fix and shouldn't be noticeable on the end product but I clearly need to improve my process so I'm eager to try a new method.

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    I get 1mm brass rod from amazon.

    I’m sure you can find a supplier much closer to you than that one. Or, just use a paperclip, they work just as well.

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    I have a bunch of paper clips so that is perfect, Fox! I will talk more about it soon but your advice on the Stormcast was very prescient and I will change my building/painting method from now on because I'm running into problems with my current process.

    I have put the Ultramarine up in my gallery so if you're inclined to give me a vote, it would be much appreciated! I'll have an update on the Stormcast sometime this weekend. I'm getting close to having him finished and look forward to showing him off soon!

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    I use paperclips to add pins to the feet quite a bit...they also help to get a stronger joint when you finally put the mini on the base.

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    I use really small nails to pin minis, I drill into the foot etc just short of the required depth, add a drop or glue the push the nail in so the tapered end penetrates a little, then clip the heap off. They are quite small nails I have though.

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    Voted buddy.

    I’ve noticed the score’s taken a bit of a plunge since you first uploaded. Don’t be disheartened, the score doesn’t reflect what you’ve achieved with the model. The blending on the figure’s left leg and powerfist is superb.
    I think if you’d tidied up the join on the jump pack and maintained the quality across the whole model you’d be seeing very high scores.

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    Paper clips, nails, brass rods or Flower arranging wire...whatever is easiest for you to get hold of!

    Stormcast is coming along well, as you say within reason it’s a good plan to paint separate elements of a mini to make sure you give each area the best opportunity to be painted to its full potential. Having said’s also easy to be distracted from the model as a whole and then the components do not fully gel together.

    keep us updated on the progress Kuribo

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    I think your doing great buddy- every model you paint I can def see a newer more improved paint job- that’s what matters!!! In the long run you’ll be getting all the high scores- how do I know this- well I can see the passion and tenacity you have to learn and improve at this hobby!!! Your doing great!!!

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    It can be disheartening when the scores drop, I know it was a bit for me, each model I submitted to my gallery was getting a higher score until the last one I submitted, which all of a sudden was my lowest scoring model. I say don't pay much attention to the scores you get (especially because I have come to notice some ppl like to sabotage scores, when they get jealous of good work) and focus on the progress you have made. I still show ppl your WIP to give ppl an example of how much someone can improve with practice and the help they receive from the group of ppl on this forum.

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    Krule, Chaotic, Fox, Hairster, BAM, and Guawol – Thank you guys so much for your votes and support!

    Getting such a low score on the smurf was a bit of a shock and had me second-guessing my skill for a day there but thanks to your guys’ encouragement, I know that the score was a bit unfair. I actually thought that that mini was the best I had painted yet but perhaps not. With that said, my modeling skills have to improve and that was partially why I got that Space Marine box. It is the first real mini I’ve built and posed so I definitely need more practice building stuff in the future.

    That’s enough about the past though. It is time to move forward to bigger and better things! I finally have the Knight Questor just about done. I have had a hell of a time with this guy overall. I had to buy a Citadel Paint Handle to paint the base since it is so vertical. That is actually a pretty handy little device and should help me going forward. Unfortunately, because I built, glued and painted the mini before painting the base (which I will never do again), I broke the sword off twice in the painting process. I’ve reglued it and tried to hide the damage as best I can but it is a bummer and a bad mistake. The cape has also proven to be a huge thorn in my side. I did and redid it and tried to smooth it out and I just cannot get the blends right. Celestra Gray and Ulthuan Gray are evil colors from GW. When you thin them way down, the white and gray color will separate which makes them worthless for glazing and wet blending. I would definitely try to find an alternative to them if I need to paint something that is at all large in those colors. I will try to fix up the cape a little more and take a new picture of it before I submit to the gallery but that is the one thing I’m still not happy with on this guy.
    Name:  Stormcast Knight Questor in Hell 1.jpg
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    With all that said, this is my best mini yet for sure. The base came out great and I executed my creative vision of a Knight Questor on a quest to a chaotic hell which makes me immensely proud. This is the first mini that I will put in display case to show off when I get around to buying one. I hope there will be many more of these quality (or higher) minis in my future.

    If you have any feedback on how to improve further, I’d be willing to do a bit more work on him but at this point it might be risky considering how many times I’ve broken that sword…

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    KAPOW!!!! Kuribo this is by far your best miniature I’ve seen, very nice job, your metallic work has advanced 10 fold in just a couple of months. More so good pallete choice and colour placement, it all seems to work well together.
    Now for the issues your having with those citadel greys, I also have encountered this with a few of the lighter colours, but I’ve put this down to poor mixing by me. Some of the colours need a really good shake, like for ages, and when you think it’s enough, shake it some more
    i have found too a couple of the colours (pallid wych flesh for me more so) really separates when I water it right down for a glaze, I have overcome this by use of a glaze medium, the one I use is essentially a binder so it keeps the paint really thick but makes it translucent, I then water it down from there and it seems to keep the pigment suspended better. I’m sure with a bit of experimentation you will over come these problems.

    Dont be disheartened by the score mate, i wouldn’t pay much attention to that, just look forward man and keep on painting, the results of your hard work are showing.

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    WOW! Definate level up. That is a really cool looking base and I love the sword. The place that could use a little work is the silver on the back just below thw neck. The transition look a little rough, but it could be the photo.

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    It certainly deserves to live in a display cabinet. You’ve outdone yourself with this one Kuribo.

    I wouldn’t do anything else to him now, just relax and know you’ve painted a solid mini. In future, if you’re looking to kick thing up a notch, have a look at deepening the gradient on the blue side of the cloak and upping the contrast on the gold.

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