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    Name:  Deep One Hybrid 1.jpg
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    After a stressful week at work and a very busy weekend as my move date approaches, it is nice to take some time and talk about painting. I definitely painted less than I hoped this week but I still made some good progress somehow.

    I have just about finished up the last member of the Innsmouth Mob and I think I’m proud of how the figures look. In fact, that is the part of painting I’m enjoying this week whereas something else I’m working on has been aggravating. I am still waiting for bases I ordered to come from Wales so hopefully I can show those off on their base next week. I look forward to it.

    The main thing I worked on was tackling a Deep One Hybrid which are sailors or dockworkers that went to sea and got a little Cthulhu in them. Based on the artwork, they are supposed to look a little unwell and I tried to do this by relying on Rakarth Flesh instead of the normal tones I’ve been using. I think skin looks decent enough but the lips have not worked well. I tried to use Bugman’s Glow and a little gray and the lips looked too dull. Then I decided to just use Bugman’s Glow and now I think they’re too bright. I’m also not liking the sculpt of the face because there seems to be no way around this mini looking a bit “fish-faced” because the lips are badly done. I’m glad that I feel confident enough to improvise on colors but I don’t think this mini is a success as of yet.

    I’m also a little disappointed because I can’t seem to get the sweater to look “shadowed” as it should. I painted this figure kind of quickly and I’m not sure if I did a bad job applying shade or drybrushing or both. I’m tempted to redo the shading using the Nuln Oil which I just purchased instead of Agrax Earthshade and see if that makes any difference though I’d love to have some feedback or advice on how to improve this guy.

    I’m a bit frustrated with this mini and there are three others to be painted at some point. I’m afraid that unless I get unstuck, I will probably set this mini aside for a while and focus on others because I don’t want to be frustrated for long.

    *Edit* It looks like I may need to revisit how I'm taking pictures of these minis. None of these pictures look as good as I hoped and the focus is out of whack on the first and third one. My apologies for that and I'll try and do better next week.
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    sailors or dockworkers that went to sea and got a little Cthulhu in them.
    I'd be grumpy looking as well.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the lips. Maybe glaze a little Rakarth flesh over them to tie them into the face a little more.
    For the sweater, I'd avoid going darker as it's already quite dark. Instead, lightly drybrush a medium blue over the larger areas that won't be in shadow, belly, chest, upper arms etc. Then take a lighter blue and very gently drybrush the upper-most facing bits of these areas. That sweater is ideal for drybrushing and it shouldn't take long at all.

    Good going though. Let us know how you get on.

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    Maybe just keep the lower lip as is and lighten the upper lip. Usually the lower lip shows off a bit more colour. As foxtail said, glaze a bit of the flesh colour over the upper lip. As far as the rest of the painting goes, don't get discouraged, sometimes it is a limitation of the mold. Keep up the good work.

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    Name:  Mansions of Madness Cultist Street 2.jpg
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    Well moving ended up interrupting my painting time sooner than I expected. I have been busy with what has turned out to be a busy and stressful move with more problems than solutions. I also haven’t had time to do much fun stuff either which is never a good thing. The good news is that moving is finally getting closer to being done. My computer is setup and I will have a painting desk assembled tomorrow.

    But anyway, this is not a moving blog so let’s talk about painting. I finished another cultist and based it. I retouched the skin and I think that part looks a lot better now. That is three of the six done. I have one more to finish up and attach to a wood base. The final two are going to have more grassy, outdoorsy bases and I will probably revisit them at a later time when I have the proper stuff for that.

    The best part is that thanks to your suggestions Foxtail and Captain927 (I owe you both one!), I made some breakthroughs on the Deep One Hybrid. I went for a lighter Layer paint of blue and that really did the trick with the sweater. The lighting looks better and while the contrast is high, I finally feel like you can see the contrast between the top and bottom of the sweater as I originally imagined. The mouth was a lot harder. I could not get the paint to do what I wanted and had to try and retry it several times. I finally ended up with a simple Rakarth Flesh and Lahmia Medium upper lip and a Bugman’s glow bottom lip and it looks alright. I’m going to try a different lip combination for the next Deep One Hybrid I have already made some progress on and we’ll see how it turns out.

    My greatest frustration this week, (besides spilling my first paint since starting back in this hobby, I lost about 75% of a Nuln Oil I just bought by knocking it over, ouch…) is gluing my Innsmouth Mob to the base. I finally got the base size that works for the three minis and I had a hard time getting the first member of the mob to glue. Once I finally did, a lot of the paint on the base had to be retouched because I got glue everywhere. The second member is giving me all kinds of trouble too. He just does not want to glue onto a relatively flat surface. I’m using Citadel plastic glue which has been good to me in the past. What do you do when a plastic miniature doesn’t want to stick to a base? While I have been wanting to hold off on pictures until it is done, I’m thinking I must not be doing this correctly and could improve somehow. So if it would help, I’d be happy to show you more.

    I’m looking forward to getting back to painting soon and I hope to have another update in about a week. I ordered a Mansions of Madness expansion so that means there will be more for me to paint in 2017. I do want to take a break from MoM and paint something for display or for a diorama but I also need to keep practicing my skills on more basic minis before I can be at that level and be satisfied with my work. It will certainly be a fun and interesting new year!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuribo View Post
    My greatest frustration this week, (besides spilling my first paint since starting back in this hobby, I lost about 75% of a Nuln Oil I just bought by knocking it over, ouch…
    Done this many, many times. Never gets any easier.

    Your deep one is looking great! Face is looking a lot more natural and the sweater has a lot more shape to it.
    Are the cultist's eyes glowing red? Creepy

    Have a good new year buddy!

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    I'm clumsy enough that I expect to knock over more paint in the future. I have resolved to only buy the small pots of paint in case I knock them over so I can minimize my losses.

    Thank you so much for the help with these figures, it really has made a big difference. The cultist looks like his eyes are closed more than red though that would be awesome! I have to admit that picture didn't come out quite as well as I would have liked. I redid the Deep One's eyes to make them look more unsettling so I'm excited to show that off in the near future

    I hope you have a great new year as well and I will be watching your work closely! I have a feeling I will paint something Games Workshop in 2017 because as a result of seeing your awesome minis!

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    Good work taking the advice to heart. It really improved the look of that dock worker.

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    Name:  Innsmouth Mob Finish 1 Front - Low Res.jpg
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    Thank you Krulebear for the kind words! I really do feel like with everyone’s help here I’m getting better and I’m having a blast painting which is probably the most important thing of all.

    I have lots of pictures and less talking to do for once. First up is the Innsmouth Mob. I figured out the problem I had with gluing (I was using too much) and was able to get everyone glued, repaint the parts of the base I screwed up, and apply some finishing touches. My pictures of them are not the greatest but I think by and large, they look solid and maybe my best skin tones thus far. I did the eyes on the lead guy because they are sculpted in and while not amazing, they’re not terrible for such a small scale. I’ll definitely have to keep practicing that because it is a skill and it is hard to master. I’m glad to have these guys done and even happier to show them to you.

    I made an adjustment with my Deep One Hybrids and decided to give them glowing eyes. What a difference it makes and this guy looks great! I was bold in the color choice for once and I’m glad I tried something less drab for once. I also painted a rusty chain on the base for the first time. I want to compare how this chain looks versus one with that is purely rusty to see what you guys think but I need to finish up the Deep One Hybrid I have been showing pictures of first before I can do that.

    I have decided to tackle my first investigator so I look forward to showing that off in the near future. I feel like I’m getting better with each mini I paint and that is a very nice feeling.

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    Name:  Deep One Hybrid Workers Finished - Chain.jpg
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    Back again with a quick update this week. I started a lot of projects but only really made much progress on one.

    I did wrap up the second Deep One Hybrid and I want to show you guys a quick picture of the rusty chain. I tried to just make it look rusty and dirty and I tend to think it looks better than the one with some metal still showing. Which one do you think looks best? I ask because I have plenty more bases with chains and I want to make them look relatively uniform going forward.

    As promised, I painted Father Mateo who is a relatively straightforward figure to paint since he is mostly black. I decided to do the base in a simple black because the investigators cannot have one style of base that will match all of the tiles. While a lot of people opt for clear bases, with my gluing success or lack therof, I thought keeping it simple was best. I was disappointed to see that he and most of the investigators do not have sculpted eyes which means I will not attempt to put them in a mini this small. I tried to do the shading and highlights as best I could and I was shooting for a tanner skin which better lighting and shadows than some of my previous figures. How does the paint look on this guy? Any advice on how to make him look better? Part of me thinks it looks good and part of me does not. I’m also surprised that dust or whatever keeps showing up on my minis when I take pictures. I’m not sure what the cause of it is but I will have to figure it out so my pictures look better.

    That is it from me this week. I look forward to another week of painting and see all of your work on here!

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    Nice work over here! The skin on father Mateo looks very good. Painting plastic miniatures of this kind can be painful, since most of the time have a lot of mold-lines and lack of detail at random places. Also, remember that the pictures that you see here are around x4 times the natural size of the miniature, so at an arms distance I am sure they would be great and a pleasure to play with. Anyway, they are useful too for practising and/or trying new things/techniques, so don't hesitate to do so!
    WIP thread. / Cmon Gallery / Instagram

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    You've come on leaps and bounds since you first (re)started bud! The priest is looking great, as are your Deep Ones.

    With the chains I would try using a bit more brown and leave a bit if the metal showing. Then use the orange in a few limited places for that fresh rust.

    Good going!

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    DEFINITLEY IMPROVED/ still IMPROVING!!! Nice job on the lot, love the lon shoreman!!!

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    Maenas - You are totally right about the mold lines! I clean them up and start painting and I swear one or two new mold lines "grow" on the mini over night! It is frustrating to keep finding them but I know these minis aren't for display. I really like the attitude you described towards painting and I will keep trying to be brave and experiment!

    Foxtail - You've been helping me since the beginning and I really appreciate it man! I agree with your advice on the chain. They are too orange for my liking too. I won't redo these but in future chains I'm going to tone down the orange and up the Leadbelcher. I'm looking forward to painting some bases now

    BloodASmedium - I was looking at your WIP thread a couple of weeks ago and wasn't able to get through all of your work before getting distracted but your improvement in a short time is incredible! It is an honor to have you comment on my WIP and I will try to catch up with the rest of your recent work in the near future. You are an inspiration and I really appreciate your kind words!

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    Name:  Deep One Hybrid Finished 2.jpg
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Size:  351.9 KBName:  Mansions of Madness Cultist Inside 2.jpg
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    I’ve been painting plenty but somehow last week I didn’t have much to show off so I decided to wait another week before updating. I suspect I will do this more often in the future because there is no point in doing a tiny update every week if that is all the progress I have made.

    I finished my 3rd of 4 Deep One Hybrids. It was an interesting challenge to paint it a “Screaming Skull” type of color since his eyes were already that color but I think it came out very well once again. They are definitely the best looking enemies I have painted thus far. I also finished redoing my 4th cultist and based it. I tried putting this one on the back of the base on a higher piece of wood for something different and I think it should like nice on tiles like the one in the picture. Unfortunately, pictures of these guys are still a little on the crappy side.

    What I’m most proud of though is the investigator William Yorick. He is an actor who does gravedigging as a second job so obviously I had to use the graveyard tile I got in the expansion Suppressed Memories for the picture! As nice as he looks on the tile, I think this is probably the best paint job I have done yet and the skin tones in particular make me proud. His face is hard to see in my pictures (something I could still improve at) but I can really see my own improvement which is awesome.

    I’ve already made a lot of progress on painting two other investigators. One looks really awesome and other not so much. I’m excited to show those two off in my next update. I’m probably about halfway through painting all the minis in the original Mansions of Madness game and I think my painting speed is picking up so I’m hoping in the coming weeks that I can knock out the remaining figures in short order and move on to the expansion minis or take a break and paint something else for a bit.

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    Good work buddy. Contrast is looking pretty good all round and the skin tones seem pretty spot on.

    Maybe work on getting another layer of highlight in. Some bits like the knees on the deep one could use a smoother blend.

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    Looking good, sir! The most recent cultist is a marked improvement from the first one.
    I still believe you could benefit from thinning your paints some more and be conscious of the directionality of your brush strokes. It is at the end of you stroke is when the most paint is deposited. Say if you're trying to shade a fold in some cloth, if you had nicely thinned paints and a brush only lightly loaded, you could start your stroke outside the fold the move into it. The pigment will deposit in the recess where you want it to darken and there will be a smoother transition from the midtone color into the shade color. Same for highlights, the end of your stroke should be where you want the highlight to be. It may take a little longer to paint because you'll have to build up the thin layers this way, but it will go a long way to toward making your figs look really nice.
    Just some food for thought. I'm no expert but that sort of advice has helped me improve, so I thought I'd pass it on.
    Keep up the good work!!

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    Name:  The Butler 1.jpg
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    Foxtail – Your advice is spot on as always my friend! I tried to do what you said and I have to say the Deep One looks much better now! I had noticed as I was finishing that mini that it needed something on the knees and somehow forgot to take care of it so I’m glad you mentioned it.

    Octavian – I appreciate the kind words and advice! I’m struggling with paint being thin because I paint in the same room as my significant other and she is very warm-blooded and likes everywhere she goes to be very hot. I may need to get a wet palette at some point but I am going to keep a closer eye on that. I will definitely try your suggestion about brush direction too. I’ve heard that too and it seems like something I should try.

    This has been a weird couple of weeks for me. It has been very busy and I have made decent progress but I haven’t felt like it has been enough and I haven’t enjoyed painting as much as a result. Part of the problem is the stop and start nature of the last couple weeks but I also have been pressuring myself a little too much to get these Mansion of Madness minis done so I can paint something else. I’ve taken a deep breath over the last couple of days with minimal painting and am ready to continue at a relaxed pace and just do the best I can with each mini.

    First up, I have the Butler (can’t remember his name) who I tried to paint in a different style than most painted ones I have seen while staying true to the character’s art in Mansions of Madness. I don’t think this guy looks great, from the skin tones which are not quite right, to his lack of a distinct mouth which is a bad sculpting issue, there are only a few parts of this mini I really like unfortunately and I realized that I can’t get over confident with skin tones. I’ve got plenty more to practice there.

    The triumph of this update is Agatha Crane. Her face looks really good and her hair and jacket look pretty decent. Maybe a little too harsh of contrasts between the lights and shadows but I’m hoping your feedback will help me get a sense of if this mini is as good as I think it is. Also, is there anything can be done to improve the gold star on her necklace/pendant? The detail is not great on it so that didn’t help. I think maybe adding some more brown to the middle may help it stand out more.

    For better or worse, I nearly finished another investigator using a similar technique for the whites and while the skin looks good, I don’t know if the purple dress does. I tried to shade and highlight it with the proper Citadel paints and the highlights just don’t quite work for me. Her hair was also an experiment because the artwork from the game shows it being purplish which I don’t like so I tried to do more of a brownish-red that is more realistic. I think the highlights are too bright and I probably need to redo the hair though.

    Any feedback is appreciated as always and I’m going to keep my head down and paint away. I bought four new minis this week that are not related to Mansions of Madness and I’ll be excited to show them off at some point in the near future!

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    I actually quite like the skin on the butler. I think you did a good job with the face. Good work with the whites on the other minis as well, it's a difficult colour and any practice is good practice.

    Will be good to see what you can do with models from another supplier, I think half your battle is fighting against the sculpt quality

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    The first two look really good for game board minis and you shouldn't expect much more from the quality of the minis. The third one looks like you were getting a little sloppy with the purple and it would help to better define the transition from white to purple.

    Remember this should be fun. It seems that most board game minis have flaws in them, so just think how much cooler these will be to play with than simple grey plastic game pieces.

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    Gonna agree with Fox & krule, have fun with these - they are just low quality board game minis. Experiment away and have fun! That's what i plan to do with all my board games in the coming year I did a quick and dirty job with these onitama pieces just because i hate bare plastic...
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