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Thread: Kuribo's Mansions of Madness WIP

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    I like the purple shading on the goat spawn. To pick it up a knotch, focus on the hair with some global highlights and then pick out a few individual strands with highlights.

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    I think you're right that hair could use a little brighter of highlights here and there. I don't like the sculpt and how it lacks details in places but I'll see what I can do because I think this mini is worth improving even further if possible. Thank you for your advice as always!

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    I was just showing my roommate some of your work and your improvement over time. Each model you get a bit better, and it even seems like you are changing how you look and plan the models as you work on them. Also with the hair you can try putting in streaks of highlights like in the photo and then go back over the highlights with a thin glaze of the brown hair color and it can add a bit of texture to the hair that the model is lacking.

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    Oh wow, Guawol, I'm very flattered to hear you did that! I hadn't thought about it but I think you're right, I have become more ambitious with my basing and color schemes and paint effects, especially more recently. I still have tons more to learn but I think the experimentation and ambition is slowly paying off. Thank you for those kind words. I will give that a shot on this mini because I think the hair is the one thing it needs to really look good still. Thank you for your suggestion!

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    Name:  Daughter of the Forest Front.jpg
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Size:  431.3 KBName:  Walking Dead Pancho Female Zombie Front.jpg
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    I’m back from my nice and much needed vacation to NYC. I’ll talk briefly about it in terms of miniature purchases but just know that I missed painting and seeing everyone’s progress while I was gone!

    I feel like I have made some breakthroughs both right before I left and since I’ve returned from NYC.

    First up, I have this Child of Goat MoM figure which is not a great sculpt but I knew that getting the skin tone right would make or break the mini so I really was deliberate in my glazing layers on the skin and I think it is probably the best skin tone I’ve ever done. I think I over-highlighted her top but other than that, I like how this has shaped up. The base isn’t quite finished as I am waiting for some moss basing materials but I will show pictures of it when it is all done.

    The second mini is another zombie for Walking Dead. I tried a new color for clothes this time and I think it looks alright. It may need some brighter orange highlights. This is the first time I've painted any guts and I really just guessed at what would look best and what kind of paint combinations to use. I have a feeling it is a bit too pink but I do plan on putting plenty of blood in the recesses as there should be. I also went for some weathering on the jeans and more highlights on the skin. Unfortunately, her face is really hard to take pictures of because of the way it is shaped, I’m close to varnishing, basing, and then applying the blood to this zombie so if you have any suggestions for how to improve it, let me know because I think there is still room to improve on my zombie painting skills.

    In New York I went to Compleat Strategist which has a decent selection of minis and an amazing board game selection. They had Reaper minis and the new D & D minis which are insanely cheap. I have never been overly taken with anything I’ve seen by Reaper but after combing through everything they had, I saw this Dwarf Battlemage on Pony and thought it was cute and kind of awesome looking all at once. It kind of reminds of the spirit of the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings and so I picked it up and will paint it sometime in the near future when I feel my skills are up to the challenge. I’d like to make a display base for it of some kind too to really highlight the character of the mini. So it will be a future project and one I look forward to tackling!

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    Name:  Brian Blake Front.jpg
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    Perhaps I jumped the gun in my last update because I think my latest mini is actually better than the previous two and one of my best yet. I really wanted to do well with this early version of everyone’s favorite villain, The Governor. I love how the leather came out and this was my first time trying a midtone skin color. What I would like feedback on the TMM painting on the knife and gun. I couldn’t get a great picture of the sword that did the paint job justice but I think you can see the gun fairly well. This is the first time I can remember painting anything metallic with detail and while I think I used a fairly standard technique of gradual layers of paint, I’m sure I can learn more and improve with practice.
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    This last miniature looks perfect IMO! Very good job ^^
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    He's looking great Kuribo. You've really nailed the smooth blends and high contrast needed for a mini this size.

    You've gotten good!
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    Maenas - Perfect is a very strong word and I am flattered you think so! Thank you very much for your kind words

    Foxtail - I guess I have made a lot of progress in my painting skills and this is one of the few minis where by the end, I thought, "Wow, I must be getting better at this because I can't find a flaw in this one." Thank you for all the advice and encouragement along the way. It has been much appreciated!

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    Name:  Nightgaunt Front.jpg
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    I have been busy this week and making good progress even if I don't feel I have any amazing pieces like the previous update. Unfortunately for me, I had internet problems recently and with no video games I could play, I tried out the last unplayed scenario in Mansions of Madness. Now that I’ve finished playing the base game, I want to buy an expansion for it but with about 15 unpainted minis, that would only make my pile of unpainted minis grow further. While I haven’t felt motivated to work on them the last month or so, I think I am ready to grind some of them out and get them off of my to do list in the coming weeks.

    I started and then got stuck on the first mini I have to show off. While the detail quality is subpar on the Nightgaunt, it does have a cool design. Kind of reminds me of some of the best Black monster/creature cards in Magic The Gathering. I don’t know that any part of this mini is all that well painted besides the red horns and claws, I think those give the mini an eerie feeling that looks good on the tabletop. I will have to work on painting black and purple more in the future because I think I can improve at both.

    I did also knock out another TWD zombie and I think this is my best one yet. Perhaps it needs a bit brighter highlights but the skin tone looks great and I will be using Rakarth Flesh mostly for future zombies. I like how it looks and am comfortable using it so that is a nice “breakthrough.”

    Finally, I rarely show actual WIP but I’m tackling this wooden barricade for TWD currently and until I took this picture, I thought it looked terrible and the highlights and contrast was totally off. I think it looks okay and I’m surprisingly more motivated to finish it just by updating this thread.

    Will I have the willpower to actually keep painting Mansions of Madness minis? Or will I give up and paint something more fun? We’ll have to wait and see in my next update!

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    Ahhhhh the complete strategist. Being a native born in Staten Island 24 years of my life I remember being in my younger years and every Saturday we would go to Spumoni gardens pizza and the my pops would take us to complete strategist in manhattan. Now I'm 44 and haven't been top hatter for years since I've moved to New Jersey but I remember them having "EVERYTHING" every thing D&D , every rogue trader model and boxed set at the time I mean everything for every game and even had every model from "call of Cthulhu role playing game " back then . I mean everything. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Bye the way they have a GW in Greenwich village if your ever there again mr Kuribo!!!

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    IDE also like to add the governor is perfectly painted. Now perfect is a very strong word. But think bout it a model does not have to be painted with elusive and super duper advanced technical skillet to be considered perfect. You've done perfect in the skills you've chose to use. Your highlights and shades are perfect for a universal light source in theory and practice. Your colors work excellent with each other. And your approach of using layering is smooth and perfectly achieved. Understand those who disagree that's your opinion but this in theory and application of what he chose to use is perfectly painted. If a individual uses dry brushing and uses it with a heavy handed pressure and leaves too much paint on the bush he clogs detail. And another uses the best pressure light and fluid and fell the remaining very Lil dried paint on the model and overtime it builds up a nice non chakh dusting - then the latter gentleman painted a model perfectly dry brushed if that is the technique he chose to use.

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    Those are fantastic memories BAM and with all due respect, I could tell that the place had been around for a while! That area is pretty gentrified and the store itself looks a bit dated even from the outside. With that said, the selection there is really good but they are heavy into RPGs and board games and not miniatures per say. Reaper minis were the only thing they had a lot of and there were few Games Workshop products which surprised me. With that said, I really enjoyed my visit and it was better than any gaming store I've been to in Cincinnati thus far. I'm really glad that my post took you back down memory lane and I hope you get to go back one day as well.

    As far as perfect painting goes, you're right! I hadn't thought of it like that but there are different ways to look at how well painted a miniature is and some minis are of a higher or lower quality as well. To know that this particular mini was "perfectly executed" shall we say really does mean a lot and gives me confidence going forward. I tend to look at the stuff talented painters like yourself paint and think, I'm years away from painting to that standard or using those techniques and that probably is selling my skills a little short. I'll try to be a bit more confident and keep trying to develop my skills in the meantime. Thank you for sharing your perspective!

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    Name:  Walking Dead Liam in Zombie Attack.jpg
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    Another couple weeks, another update. First up we have Liam who is one of the most forgettable characters in The Walking Dead. He got killed by a zombie without doing much of anything in the comics, hence the mini design. I tried to give him a skater/surfer kind of look since he already had a ponytail and I really like how the little scene of his imminent death turned out!

    If you’ve been following along, you may have noticed that there is something missing here! Where are all the promised Mansions of Madness minis? I only got one done since my last update because I realized I don’t have the bases I need or the tools to attach them to their bases so I have had to shelf the project for a bit longer. I did get this last new figure done and I’m quite happy with it. The wings look awesome and so does the fur. For once, trying a bunch of new colors paid off.

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    That dog demon thing is a pretty cool mini and the governor is one of your best painted to date.

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    That guy getting swarmed with zombies is screwed. Awesome painting Kuribo, you've come a long way buddy.

    I still think you'd benefit from trying to paint something with a much higher cast quality. May be worth considering at some point
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    KB - It is always nice to hear from you and I think you might be my toughest critic on this site (in a good way of course) so I always appreciate your feedback!

    Foxtail - Thank you Fox as always! I had a lot of fun painting that guy and taking that picture I know I have said I will do that before and I mean to follow through on it. What mini companies would you consider higher cast? GW? Black Sun? Any others in particular you'd recommend? You pick the mini maker and I'll surprise you with the mini I paint!

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    To be honest buddy, even though I have a box full of minis from other manufacturers, I've only ever painted GW.

    Their new plastic kits are what you'd expect from one of the top manufacturers in the world. I'd highly recommend getting a character model and see what you can do
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    I think most companies make decent minis (as long as there are not miscasts or Reaper's Bones line). They just require different types of prep. GW's plastic always used to be good and sounds like it still is. Privateer Press has nice minis. The one Black Son I had was very nice. Malifaux's plastic is very nice as well and readily available, but they tend to come in a lot of pi ces that can be a pain to assemble. You could also look at Arena Rex which have nice gladiator type minis or you could look at....

    Well there are quite a few

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    Foxtail - I'm surprised you haven't tried some other minis (unless the ones you have sitting around are inferior, that would make perfect sense)! I often consider trying out other minis and have ideas for all kinds of minis I'd love to paint and make a display with but I haven't found the time and feel like I still have things to learn before I tackle those projects. With that said, I will see about finding something GW to paint. I can't get into Warhammer 40k minis for some reason (I started painting them so maybe that is why) but there are Warhammer figures I like enough to buy and paint. Many of them appear to be resin or their too big like the Frost Ogres but I'm sure I can figure something out. I will definitely branch out in the near future.

    Krulebear - I feel the same way as you do, KB! I have eyeballed so many different minis and there are tons that look amazing out there. If only I had the time to paint them all...

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