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Thread: Kuribo's Mansions of Madness WIP

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    Hey, some cool stuff here! I've got most of The Walking Dead line, however I didn't paint any of it. Got it on the plan though!

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    Thank you for the kind words and for visiting my WIP! That is awesome to hear you have the Walking Dead minis too. I haven't seen anyone else with them in the WIP thread and I will be looking forward to seeing you paint them. The Mall terrain you built looks amazing and surely will host some epic battles by the way

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    Name:  TWD Metal Barrier Front.jpg
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Size:  270.6 KBName:  TWD Metal Barrier Back.jpg
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Size:  268.2 KBName:  TWD Resource Counter 1.jpg
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Size:  409.1 KBName:  TWD Resource Counter 2.jpg
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Size:  368.2 KBName:  TWD Female Dress Zombie and Loot Counter.jpg
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Size:  299.5 KBName:  TWD Zombie Group Shot.jpg
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    I’ve gotten a fair amount done since my last update and am focused on getting enough Walking Dead stuff painted so I can play the game and see if I like it and want to fully jump into the game or not. If not, I will probably change my painting focus and mostly work on display pieces so it will be interesting to see how this goes.

    One of the big things I got done were two barriers. These terrain pieces are needed for the game and I think both came out fairly well considering I’ve never painted anything like this before. I tried to use the TMM skills I’ve developed to make the metal barrier look decent. Truthfully, neither one of these were that much fun to paint, mostly because of their size and repetition of textures so I’m glad these two are finished.

    I also got some loot/resource counters done which are not too exciting but another thing you need to have to play. The paper gave me some trouble to find the right color mix because I want it to look old but not centuries old.

    While it is something I had been planning on doing for a while, I finally splurged a bit and bought some leaves to decorate the bases with. I ended up trying both Plus Models and MIG Jimenez. Plus Models are honestly too big for 1:32 scale but I think the MIG leaves are almost too small even though they claim to be good for 1:28-1:35. Hopefully by putting both they kind of balance each other out. I’ll let you all be the judge of that.

    Finally, I finished another zombie. Not my best work and I couldn’t decide whether this zombie was wearing a dress or hospital scrubs, hence the colors. I didn’t do a great job applying blood on this one but that’s okay. I couldn’t quite nail the look I wanted or paint this one as well as I wanted but there are plenty of other zombies to paint. Up until this mini, I think you could see a nice progression in my zombie painting skills and I’ll try to get back to improving with each one soon.

    I just started tackling a “mini” for Walking Dead that is a big challenge and I’ll be looking for opinions on very soon so I look forward to sharing that in the near future!
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    Really enjoy reading this thread. Great to see the improvement over a series of minis; gives me some hope that I'll see some improvement, although you so seem rather more prolific than I am Painting up a whole game box like this is such a great idea, and adds a massive new dimension to the game. I must say though, that I feel that you could really do with trying to paint some miniatures with slightly higher quality castings. I think it would bring the standard of your work up another level. Looking forward to see your progress

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    Thanks for the kind words and for reading through all of my updates. For a long time, I wasn't sure if I was improving but thanks to the help of some of the awesome people here I now know that I have and am still improving Painting an entire board game's minis like Mansions of Madness which has sub-par minis can really make a game more fun and immersive to play. I would think it is the same with wargames like Warhammer too. You are not the only person pushing me to try higher quality minis (especially GW) so I will definitely give one a go. My backlog feels too long right now but I promise that I will try to do a display piece with a high quality mini in the near future! It is great to have you following my thread and I will go check out your thread now as well

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    Thanks! I have other projects going right now, but hope to get to TWD this fall.

    New additions are looking good, too.

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    The zombies are turning out nice and the nmm on the metal barrier looks good. These will look awesome on the game board.

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    Oistene and KB,

    Thank you both for your kind words! I really appreciate it.

    Name:  Walking Dead Car Side.jpg
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Size:  293.9 KBName:  Walking Dead Car Front.jpg
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Size:  326.4 KBName:  Walking Dead Car Back.jpg
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    I went out of town (NYC) for my brother's wedding so not a lot of painting has been going on overall lately. I have managed to get a piece of car terrain close to being done. I think the blends and lighting are fairly good and I'm proud of the freehand lights which is my first freehand attempt.

    There are two aspects of this mini that I would greatly appreciate feedback on. The windshields look okay but I think maybe I did too much of a color range in too organized of patterns which even after a wash to dirty the glass, the color lines are still too visible. Do you have suggestions for how to improve the windshield's look besides better blending? The other concern I have is weathering the car a bit more. I've had mixed results with just brybrushing and trying to pass that off as dirt. I'm guessing an investment in pigments is what is required here but if you have any alternative suggestions, that would be appreciated as well.

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    I think that the car windows looks pretty good. I wouldnt worry too much about the window lines. Unless you are going for something more seamless, it looks like an after-market tint job.

    great job with all of these gaming figs. It's really got me into miniature gaming.

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    Thanks for the feedback Captain! I'm trying to balance both the time I spend painting these minis versus the highest quality paint job I can achieve in a reasonable amount of time so it can be hard to gauge how well I'm doing. I do agree that the car looks like it has tinted windows which is a good look for what I am trying to achieve. I'm really glad to hear I have inspired you as well! That means a lot. I'm going to have to follow your work and see what stuff you paint next

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    Name:  Blue Car Terrain Front.jpg
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Size:  358.3 KBName:  Blue Car Terrain Other Side.jpg
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Size:  355.6 KBName:  Blue Car Terrain Side.jpg
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Size:  401.0 KBName:  Red Truck Terrain Side .jpg
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Size:  287.3 KBName:  Red Truck Terrain Front.jpg
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Size:  435.0 KBName:  Red Truck Terrain Back.jpg
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    Well things have been pretty busy since my last update. It is nice to be back and I’m looking forward to painting more and following everyone’s projects again too. I’ve accomplished two tasks since my last update.

    First up, I bought some Vallejo Pigment (well one bottle anyway) and applied some to my car terrain. This is after three “coats” of pigment and then fixing it in place with Lahmia Medium. There are some “milky” spots here and there that I tried to cover with my last coat and while I’m relatively happy with the results, if anybody has any suggestions for how to improve, I would greatly appreciate it. I’ve watched some videos and understand the gist of using pigments but I feel that I still have a ways to go to master it.

    Next up, I also finished up a second vehicle terrain piece for Walking Dead. With the exception of the lights which I couldn’t find a good reference for and just kind of guessed at what to do, this truck came out pretty well. I will definitely weather it in the near future. Once I do that, I’ll finally get a TWD game in and decide my painting future in terms of that game.

    I finally have my Mansions minis ready to go so expect a deluge of those minis over the next couple of weeks as I try to clear up my backlog. I still have some Lord of the Rings minis I’d like to tackle at some point too so there are exciting projects on the horizon. We just have to get through some subpar mini sculpts longtime followers of this thread have seen before first

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    Nice progress. i like the vehicles. Where did you get the wrecked chevy truck?

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    I like how you did some freehand on the blue car lights, they look spot on!
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    Maenas - Thank you! That is what I am most proud of with these two vehicles too. It is about the only freehand I got right with the different head and taillights I'm afraid but I'll take one over none!

    Krule - Thanks and they are actually Walking Dead Scenery Boosters as Mantic calls them. Here is a link to see what all the booster contains:

    If you're doing modern day or post-apocalyptic terrain, these items are fairly well done and affordable to buy.

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    these look really good, there may be room to add a couple of really bright white specular hi-lights in the glass bits but thats the only suggestions i can think of

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    Things are looking great Kuribo. Nice to see you expanding your skill base by using pigments, and they work well on the car.
    The blends are looking fairly smooth on the car. The bonnet (hood) of the truck maybe could have used a few more layers to knock back that stark colour change in the blend, but it is still pretty good!

    Good stuff mate
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    Name:  234786239867.jpg
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Size:  289.0 KBName:  43598713451.jpg
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Size:  283.3 KBName:  2409572453.jpg
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Size:  214.3 KBName:  40395872456.jpg
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Size:  381.2 KBName:  34905781345.jpg
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    Coyote – Thanks for stopping by and for the feedback! You’re spot on about those lights.

    Foxtail - Thank you for sharing some British lingo (I knew about boot being trunk but bonnet was a new one for me). As an Anglophile, I appreciate British wording and sayings and like to sprinkle them into my vocabulary when I can. I thought the same thing about the hood of the truck when I took pictures but for some reason, I just wanted to get painting it done and cut some corners. That cost me as I’ll discuss next.

    Well it has been a while since I have made an out and out mistake but I did just that with my truck. For some reason, the pigment did not take the way it should on the truck and it looked pretty poor after a single coating. It almost looked like a bad wash. Wanting to be done with it, I tried to slap more pigment on and use GW Purity Seal over the top to lock it into place. I’m pretty sure this just blew the pigment off. To make matters worse, I tried to spray early on what was a hot day and the varnish frosted a bit which dulled the colors and a little paint chipped off too. Ultimately, it makes the vehicles look more worn and while I don’t think it looks bad and probably makes them look more abandoned (which is fine) but at this point, I don’t trust my judgement.

    In happier news, I wrapped up another zombie for TWD and had fun painting it and think it came out fairly well. It is hard to take pictures of but I think I got a better rotting skin tones by adding a little green wash to my mix of brown and black and I liked how the skull and blood came out.

    I’ve also gotten two Mansions of Madness minis painted lightning quick! I was going for speed as much as anything though I think you can see some small improvements in my painting too. The blue wash on the Goat Spawn didn’t work quite as well as purple but it was a nice challenge for myself all the same. Keep in mind that one mini is primed and the new one is not primed in the pictures. The lights were kind of bright on these minis too so they aren’t as “glossy” in-hand as they look here.

    I’m going to wrap up another repeat Mansions mini this weekend before tackling a bigger and more ambitious one. It is a new sculpt so I look forward to showing it and getting back to painting and hopefully not screwing things up in the process too!
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    How about very gently heating the tyres to slightly flatten the bit which touches the ground. Might be a nice way to simulate a bunch of cars that have been left abandoned, and would also help distinguish them from toy cars.

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    That is a pretty cool idea Silas! I wonder why Mantic made these vehicles with fully pumped tires when they are in a zombie apocalypse. I have a couple more to paint in the future so I will definitely give your idea a shot when that time comes.

    Name:  WIP 1.jpg
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Size:  251.3 KBName:  WIP 2.jpg
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Size:  316.8 KB
    I'm finally back with a couple of WIP shots on my latest mini. I call him Mick. Mick Jagger, for obvious reasons. Though I suppose Gene Simmons wouldn't be too far off the mark either This tree has some wicked mold lines and even my efforts couldn't fix them all. With that said, the lower half of Mick is mostly done while the mid to upper half, needs a lot of work obviously. I don't know if I love how the tongues and noses look on the bottom of this guy yet but otherwise, I'm pretty happy with it so far. I'm planning on a really cool base when all is said and done too. Any feedback is much appreciated and I'll update with more pictures in the coming days as Mick comes together.

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    He's disgusting, well done.

    You've done a good job on the bark on the legs, will look a lot better if it gets matte varnished I think
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