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Thread: Kuribo's Mansions of Madness WIP

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    You are making good progress on these gaming minis. If you get bored I can send you a few hundred more to paint

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    Thanks Fox! These pictures are overly shiny and I agree that a matte varnish is what this guy needs. I will remember that when the time comes. I'll look forward to your feedback as I get a bit further with Mick and I have to start pushing my painting skills even further to bring out his full potential.

    KB - Haha, I do manage to stay productive but I'm just lucky my significant other affords me lots of free time. I like to think that not having kids helps too. With that said, please send your minis and a blank check as compensation for my painting services. I'll get those minis done for you in no time then

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    Not sure if I could work at this pace even aiming for game standard. Part lazy, part parent, utter procrastinator. Looking good, working up quite a tidy collection there!
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    To be honest, I hadn't really thought about how many figures I am able to paint or that it was especially impressive so I appreciate your comment and KB's in a new way. Thank you both and I won't take for granted that productivity!

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    Here is my latest progress. Mick is on his base which possibly gives away a little bit of surprise of what the eventual end product is going to look like but that's okay. This figure is "tri-sided" and I only have one of the sides done currently so there's still a ways to go. I'd appreciate any feedback you have to offer as I start to tackle the other sides. I want to make this guy look as good as I can, especially with the ambitious base I'm planning on. I'm enjoying painting this guy but am also starting to look forward to the end. It really takes a long time for me to paint these larger figures.

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    Beware the perils of the large model. Nah, it’s looking good buddy.

    I think perhaps it could be worth getting another lighter highlight on the flesh/bark, just on the very topside. I can see that you’ve already worked a subtle blend up on there, but pushing it that little bit further might work well.
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    Default your ok with the tongue and gaping mouth on this model huh Fox?

    Double standards if ever I saw any.

    Can recommend Vallejo Still Water for drenching dripping mouths in saliva!

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    Haha, this thread is heading straight towards the gutter!

    In all seriousness, I feel like I'm always one highlight short and one of these days I'll figure out the right amount of highlights and get that last level done correctly. I appreciate you speaking up whenever it needs that extra little bit, Fox.

    Hairster, you're definitely on to something there and while I've seen others use that technique, it never dawned on me to go for it here. I will absolutely get some Still Water and apply it to this mini. Thank you for both for your feedback!

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    Name:  WIP 4.jpg
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    I've finally painted the other two sides of this mini and tried to take a quick picture of each. Not too many differences overall in the sculpt, I know but I did want to snap a couple quick pictures and get any feedback you might have. I know the pictures aren't the greatest but I was running out of time and will be gone for the week because of work. I'm just relieved I've gotten most of the painting done and touch ups and pushing the highlights are all that's left when I get back. It will be hard to regain the momentum I've had on this piece but that's life I suppose. Thank you for your help on this mini and I look forward to resuming work on it in a week's time

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