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Thread: Kuribo's Mansions of Madness WIP

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    You are making good progress on these gaming minis. If you get bored I can send you a few hundred more to paint

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    Thanks Fox! These pictures are overly shiny and I agree that a matte varnish is what this guy needs. I will remember that when the time comes. I'll look forward to your feedback as I get a bit further with Mick and I have to start pushing my painting skills even further to bring out his full potential.

    KB - Haha, I do manage to stay productive but I'm just lucky my significant other affords me lots of free time. I like to think that not having kids helps too. With that said, please send your minis and a blank check as compensation for my painting services. I'll get those minis done for you in no time then

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    Not sure if I could work at this pace even aiming for game standard. Part lazy, part parent, utter procrastinator. Looking good, working up quite a tidy collection there!
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    To be honest, I hadn't really thought about how many figures I am able to paint or that it was especially impressive so I appreciate your comment and KB's in a new way. Thank you both and I won't take for granted that productivity!

    Name:  WIP 3.jpg
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    Here is my latest progress. Mick is on his base which possibly gives away a little bit of surprise of what the eventual end product is going to look like but that's okay. This figure is "tri-sided" and I only have one of the sides done currently so there's still a ways to go. I'd appreciate any feedback you have to offer as I start to tackle the other sides. I want to make this guy look as good as I can, especially with the ambitious base I'm planning on. I'm enjoying painting this guy but am also starting to look forward to the end. It really takes a long time for me to paint these larger figures.

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    Beware the perils of the large model. Nah, it’s looking good buddy.

    I think perhaps it could be worth getting another lighter highlight on the flesh/bark, just on the very topside. I can see that you’ve already worked a subtle blend up on there, but pushing it that little bit further might work well.
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    Default your ok with the tongue and gaping mouth on this model huh Fox?

    Double standards if ever I saw any.

    Can recommend Vallejo Still Water for drenching dripping mouths in saliva!

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    Haha, this thread is heading straight towards the gutter!

    In all seriousness, I feel like I'm always one highlight short and one of these days I'll figure out the right amount of highlights and get that last level done correctly. I appreciate you speaking up whenever it needs that extra little bit, Fox.

    Hairster, you're definitely on to something there and while I've seen others use that technique, it never dawned on me to go for it here. I will absolutely get some Still Water and apply it to this mini. Thank you for both for your feedback!

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    Name:  WIP 4.jpg
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    I've finally painted the other two sides of this mini and tried to take a quick picture of each. Not too many differences overall in the sculpt, I know but I did want to snap a couple quick pictures and get any feedback you might have. I know the pictures aren't the greatest but I was running out of time and will be gone for the week because of work. I'm just relieved I've gotten most of the painting done and touch ups and pushing the highlights are all that's left when I get back. It will be hard to regain the momentum I've had on this piece but that's life I suppose. Thank you for your help on this mini and I look forward to resuming work on it in a week's time

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    Name:  WIP 6.jpg
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    Back from Arizona and back to painting and it hasn't taken long to get in over my head. I did push the highlights, especially the mid-tones on Mick so that he looks a little brighter. I should have stopped there and varnished but instead I started adding my swamp water to the mini. The first layer of the swamp water looked great but didn't cover everything, so I applied a second and realized that for this water to look realistic, I'm pretty sure I need it to become a bit more translucent because it is looking more and more like slime. I'm guessing that the next step is for me to mix some of the swamp water gel with some normal water to dilute it so the top layer or two is a bit more transparent. Does anybody have any experience with this or can recommend where to go from here?

    Also, Hairster, you mentioned adding some "spit" effects to the tongue. Can you point me to a tutorial or any information about how this is done? If it is just a matter of adding still water to the tongue, I will do that soon after I varnish but if it is more complicated than that, any additional information would be greatly appreciated!

    I've started painting some other stuff since I feel stuck on Mick and am unsure how to proceed. I want to make sure the end product looks as good as possible as well so this is a situation where any advice you can offer is truly appreciated!

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    Mick’s looking great mate. I’d be wary of mixing the water effects with water, I’m not sure how they react. Mixing it with clear water effects should work though (not sure if that’s what you meant).

    Good work though mate! Nice to see you experimenting
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    Thanks as always for your opinion Fox! It is funny about mixing water and this water product. I would normally think the same thing as you but on the packaging for the swamp water it says mix with water to help improve flow and the gel is thick enough that it actually does need water for you to get it to be “pliable.” I have ordered some still water and will report back as soon as I get it and have a chance to apply it. I’m excited to finish off Mick so waiting for seller on eBay to ship the AK Interactive Still Water is killing me.

    Name:  Forest Cultists.jpg
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    With Mick on hold, I’ve got a few other minis done in the meantime. First up, another one of the forest cultists (can’t remember their name) is done. The new one is the one on the right. It is a simple sculpt with poor face and hair details but I did what I could and tried to differentiate it from the first.
    Name:  Crawling One.jpg
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    Secondly, I got a new Mansions of Madness mini done and it is a new sculpt. I like this sculpt and found it fun to paint. I’m thinking it needs another highlight though so I may go ahead and push the highlights a bit further. Other than that though, I’m happy with the unconventional color scheme.

    Name:  TWD Metal Barrier Front.jpg
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    Name:  TWD Metal Barrier Back.jpg
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    Finally, I did a piece of Walking Dead terrain because I needed it for the last scenario. Shortly after I finished painting it, I realized that I just am not that into this game and this is going to be the last Walking Dead thing I paint. I’m going to sell off what I’ve bought and invest in a different game. I enjoyed painting the minis but just didn’t enjoy the gameplay and think it is probably best played competitively and not on your own for the story like I hoped.

    One other thing I started and have stopped is painting some of the Hobbits from Lord of the Rings. I started on Frodo and was excited to paint him but he is so small that it isn’t as much fun to paint as I hoped. I may go back to Frodo down the road but for now, I will paint some of the larger figures in the near future and see how that goes. I want to be able to paint LOTR/Hobbit minis for display so I’m hoping the “man size” figures work better for me.

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    I am not sure what that thing is....but it is disgusting. Terrain looks nice and I am glad to hear the feedback on the Walking Dead game as I have contemplated buying it a couple times.

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    Wonderful reasults everywhere - my fav is the black goat monster. Btw valleo water can be mixed with AK to make a more transparent and less opaque formula. On your next one try it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuribo View Post
    Also, Hairster, you mentioned adding some "spit" effects to the tongue. Can you point me to a tutorial or any information about how this is done? If it is just a matter of adding still water to the tongue, I will do that soon after I varnish but if it is more complicated than that, any additional information would be greatly appreciated!
    Yeah I'd just cake the mouth in a generous coat of still water...the extra thickness of it just helps to give a nice wet rather than just glossy look. You could also experiment with UHU glue which you can use to make salive strands between teeth/tentacles as well. Probably worth doing some practise with it though first as you can get in a mess pretty quickly.

    AK swamp water looks cool...not seen that before. Might have to add it to my list....I've been using citadel nurgles rot for my base recently...guessing it is a similar product.

    Regarding the clear water....guessing the best bet would be to use still water with a tint of green in it as a top coat? again might be worth a trial on a test base befor you go all in.

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    Krule - Disgusting is synonymous with good work on this forum so I appreciate it! I don't think The Walking Dead is a bad game at all, especially if you're looking to play it competitively (1 vs. 1) but for me, I didn't think it was fun enough to play against the zombies when you counterbalance that with the amount of painting you need to do plus all of the terrain. It was just too much for one person to keep up with. If you put your son to work, that may not be too much of an issue for you however

    BAM - Thank you for the compliment and honestly, with how much AK Interactive products cost, I am questioning why I bought not one but two of their products! Vallejo is cheaper and much easier to get in the US so I am definitely doing things the hard way.

    Hairster - Thanks for the info on the still water! I can handle that and will definitely put a coat or two on the tongue once I varnish it! I am going to test out the new still water with some coloring and I will try mixing it with the swamp water gel I have and see what looks best. I have a feeling that once you know what you're doing with the AK Swamp Water, you can do some pretty cool stuff with it. I'll be happy to pass along anything I learn in this thread as well.

    My AK Still Water has finally shipped so I'm hoping to get it and be able to finish off Mick over the weekend. Thank you all for the advice and feedback! I really appreciate it

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    Name:  Dark Young 1.jpg
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Size:  548.2 KBName:  Dark Young 3.jpg
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    Well Mick is finally done. My experimentation with water texture did not work as well as I hoped. My tests resulted in my thinner looking water but perhaps my bottom layers were too dark to really add the transparent look to the base that I wanted. I will definitely have to practice with water effects more in the future. With that exception, I'm really happy with how this figure came out and am proud of trying something ambitious and out of my comfort level. I do want to say thanks to Foxtail for his advice on painting this guy and for Hairster for the still water tip. You both helped make this mini better and I appreciate it!

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    Name:  Nazgul Front.jpg
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Size:  449.0 KBName:  Nazgul Back.jpg
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    I’m back with a quick update of a mini I finished recently to as high of a standard as I could. I originally “bought” this mini with the expectation of getting a different Ringwraith sculpt and the seller unfortunately did not send the correct one. Since it was cheap and I hate doing online returns, I decided to use it as a practice mini because I have a specific Ringwraith sculpt I’m hoping to paint for my brother for Christmas.

    With that said, are there any areas that you think can be improved before I paint up the second one for my brother and start creating a display base?

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    For me the mud doesn't come across as realistic. I think it is too uniform of a thick band around the bottom of the cloak. May look better thick at the bottom of the mini with just the edges on the raised back. Also treat it like an upsude down highlight with less of the mud as you come up from the edge of the cloak. Then add a few splatters here and there to make it look like it got splattered on unintentionally. Hope that helps.

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    That absolutely helps Krule and I was not able to thin the pigments the way I wanted while painting which led to the very even application. I will try harder to get it thinned out on the next one and I'm thankful I had a practice piece to learn from now. I appreciate your feedback as always!

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    Happy Black Friday everyone. After several weeks of working on my backlog, I felt like it was time to buy some new minis to paint so I bought my first real Mansions of Madness expansion, Beyond the Threshold. It comes with six minis so not too big of a painting job overall. Since investigators are usually the most fun and easiest to paint, I started with them.
    Name:  The Handyman.jpg
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    First up is the handyman who quite honestly has one of the best sculpts in Mansions of Madness. It doesn't hurt that he is carrying around a shotgun either! The details are much higher than some of the other minis so this guy was fun to paint and took a little longer.
    Name:  Shaman Front.jpg
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    The second investigator, a shaman from Africa was even more fun to paint. The game's artwork showed her in bright colors and you know what, it was a blast to paint someone like that. There were lots of little details to pick out and I think the sculpt here is even better. I feel like she has a lot of personality in-hand and looks even better than in the picture (not that the picture is bad).
    Name:  Byakhee Red Wings.jpg
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    Finally, I finished the second Byakhee with a slightly different color scheme to keep it interesting. The red wings didn't turn out nearly as well as the previous one so perhaps the less said about this guy the better. I'm looking forward to tackling the ringwraith on a display base and will have some new Mansions of Madness sculpts soon to show off as well.

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