How do you glaze?
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Thread: How do you glaze?

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    Default How do you glaze?

    Hi to everybody, that's my question, how do you glaze colours? with ink?

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    no, with a brush
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    Glazing is an individual preference, for some it's done with very dilute paint, for others with very dilute inks.
    But really the more dilution the better the control of the depth of colour you glaze.
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    Important is to not overload the brush with paint. You shouldn't flood the surface with paint. You will lose all control then and risk getting blotchy results. The trick is to stretch a very tiny amount of very dilute paint over the surface, like a thin film just giving a light tint over the surface.
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    yes but in italy we call this velatura. And if is not the velatura tecnique for wich aim i have to glaze a color ? cannot i use the color of the glazing as first?

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    You might want to add colour shifts in the shadows, or use glazes to smooth out blendings. Then, this is how you'd do it.
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    People are not always consistent how they distinguish between glazing, washing and other techniques. That's in English so must be doubly confusing for others. I looked up velatura - sounds like a glaze to me.

    More importantly, what is the effect you are trying to achieve ? Understanding that is more important than names

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    tank you Ritual

    @John Yes i think you are right. At my level i know this techniques: washes, glaze or velatura that consist in what Ritual said and blending but i think there are more

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    inks are wonderful for glazing, however a little goes a long way. They are already super concentrated, so it's very easy to over do it with inks.

    I prefer paints to do it, but what I really lack is the patience to correctly build up a solid glaze. I tend to want to lay a layer down, and then not let it dry before I add the next, which turns into a bit of a mess as Ritual mentioned.

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