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Thread: Few new person questions

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    Default Few new person questions

    I just started Dark Age a few weeks ago and there are a few questions I have.
    1. If your AS is reduced to 0 can you still make an attack? And can your AS ever be reduced below 0 if you can?
    2. When making a template attack (SP or ST) and you aim do you get the bonus against one model targeted, the primary target, or all of the targets?
    3. Does an attack that is used while engaged and has the point blank rule ignore prone?
    4. Does smoke if used in round 1 disappear in round 1 lingering effects phase or round 2 lingering effects phase?
    Thanks for any help someone can give me

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    Hi there!

    As you can see...these forums are quite quiet >.<
    Sorry you've had to wait so long for a reply!

    1. There is nothing written explicitly that says you must have a positive AS value to make an attack, so unless someone knows of an obscure line that I can't find, I would say yes you can. You just, obviously, don't have much of an AS value to use for it lol.

    2. This I'm not sure of but I believe it is just against the primary target. Anyone know better?

    3. This would hinge on whether CC ignores prone, which I believe it goes. Is that what you mean, using a Point Blank attack in CC range?

    4. I believe it would be Round 1 unless someone knows of an FAQ that addresses this?

    Sorry for the long wait for a reply. I've been off Dark Age for a bit with other games, and kinda forgot the forums lol.

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    At this point, you'll be slightly better off at:

    or one of the larger independent forums like Dakka Dakka.

    Or, possibly, on Facebook, on the Dark Age page:
    Nil nos tremefacit.

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