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    Hi guys
    I'm back after a long break, slowly updating my gallery.

    Today it's Mid Nor dwarves. I truly love these crazy dudes!



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    indeed Mid nor is awesome, and i love your take on them!

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    Excellent skin tones!! Do you mind sharing your recipe, especially for the top one?

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    do you know you can actually play them?
    Check this thread! http://www.coolminiornot.com/forums/...tion-EVOlution

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    Thanks guys for your feedback!

    @supervike: sure!
    I used Vallejo / Prince August paints:
    - base: Basic Skintone + Golden Olive
    - highlights: Basic Skintone + Deep Yellow + Ivory
    - shadows: Golden Olive + Oxford Blue

    @ConfrontationEVO: 100% painter here. BTW good luck with your project!

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