Trouble with Macro settings.
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Thread: Trouble with Macro settings.

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    Default Trouble with Macro settings.

    I really like painting miniatures. I really like putting them on line and discussing them.

    I really hate photo taking.

    Anyhow, my latest beef is why can't I get everything in focus in one photo using the Macro modes.

    A couple of examples"

    One guy in front in focus, rear and sides blurry.

    I like the way this pic looks, however, the face is in focus, the arms blurry.

    The left sleeve (right side of photo) seems in focus, the face is a nice blur.

    HALP!! Use small words though, cuz I'm old and slow.

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    Just using macro setting isn't always enough. Try setting your iso down to around 100 or so. Also try setting your aperture (or f-stop) to about 16. Even with these settings, you may try using portrait or landscape settings. Each camera is different and yours may like other settings better. But try changing these other couple of settings and keep the macro to start with. You can always adjust from there.
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    This is the perennial issue of Depth of Field (of apparent focus).{DoF}
    In general terms DoF extends 1/3 in front and 2/3 behind the single plane of focus. The size of this DoF depends on the Aperture of the lens iris, the proximity of the focal plane of the camera to the plane of focus and the lens in use.

    So in order to get a good group (squad) shot in relative focus, get the focus on a figure not in the front but slightly behind the foreground figure and adjust the aperture working from f11 through to f22 or beyond if you have that capability.

    Now a caveat, not all apertures will give you the best results as you increase the numbers (f11-f22) there will be a "sweet spot" in the apertures which will give the best result. The problem is that this will vary lens to lens and in the case of fixed lenses camera to camera.
    Regretfully it's a practise make perfect issue, not an instant fix.
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    Ditch macro and use the AP (Aperture Priority) setting. Make your f stop bigger (between 16-22) and you should be okay
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    Thanks for the advice folks!! I will give it a go and report back.

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