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    I am new to the forums and interested in learning high level miniature painting techniques. Mainly interested in blending and NMM. On another note, I recently ordered Winsor and Newton Series 7 brushes and are waiting for them to be delivered.


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    W&N 7s are supa dupa
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    We say hello to your brushes and goodbye to both money and sanity.
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    Test them though. I don't buy W&N series 7 online anymore, they sometimes produce duds which is really bad considering the price. If you get a good one, they're great.

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    Lol hi I'm johnny I'm not a big time painter yet ,but I have both WN for blending ,for 2 brush blending I use Raphael kaerel ,and these are all phenomenal but from personal experience I use GW artificer extra small and as far as blending I love it above all of them. R.E.M. From personal experience alone. Whatever you got use me practice with me and you'll get the hang bud....

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    Hey, nice to meet to everyone here. I'm a designer

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    Yeah I'm excited for the brushes to come. They should be fine, otherwise I'll have a chat with the supplier to see if I can do an exchange.

    Nice to meet you Johnny, I'll PM you when I start blending with W&N.

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