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    First time and first post for me here. I'm not sure what category to put this post under, but I wanted to ask if there has been any talk about doing a Borderlands (the video-game property) miniatures co-op board game? Anyone familiar with the series will know that its retro-futuristic post apocalyptic theme and steampunk cell shaded design lend itself well to a tile based action adventure mission based board game. So many villains, characters, vehicles, weapons, upgrades, monsters and environments to pull from. I think it would make an amazing game if done right. Thoughts?

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    I would love this as a fan of the video games, the characters would make great minis imo, I don't really play miniature games but I'd love to paint up a set of borderlands minis, if only I could sculpt

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    I've seen a few scratch built things, but can't say I've seen any commercially made products.

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    The only one I've seen hasslefrees not-salvador (I think they named him Mordecai) but a whole set would be great

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