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    Hi, I was wondering if people varnish their miniatures that are for display purposes or competition. Also I'm curious of people's experience with varnish changing the appearance of their paint job. Thank you.

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    I use different finishes for different surface fx on display pieces, but rarely seal display pieces overall. And yes every kind of varnish has some kind of effect of the appearance of the painting.
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    I've all but stopped using clear-coat. Too many times, I've finished a mini I was really proud of, only to distort the facial character, and generally mess up the mini with varnish. I might still use it on pieces that will be handled a lot, but I won't paint those at my best level of work.

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    I only varnish certain parts for the effect only (satin or gloss). But there is no need to protect the minis, as they (hopefully) never gets touched directly.
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    If you must then Testors Dull-Coat is the best you can get a bit pricey but it has the least effect on the mini.
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    I'm a long time Dullcoate fan but I'm going to throw another product into the market AK Interactive ultra matte varnish.
    Absolutely lovely finish, doesn't alter colour and is a slightly softer finish than Dullcoate.
    (Watched Pepa Savada use it both mixed in with her paint and brushed on.)
    Kkinda expensive at the minute from the U.S. But I reckon prices will drop if the demand for it in the U.K. goes up.
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    As Dragonsreach mentioned Pepa, I'd like to mention that if you use airbrush extensively and often mask off areas (like Pepa does), then varnish is a very good idea. Otherwise, paint will easier come off when you remove your masking. My first reply was based on that you use mostly brush when painting.
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    After painting my models, I like to give them a nice thick coat of Black Primer. This not only protects the hell out of my minis, it also improves on the actual painting I have done.

    Your results may vary.

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