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    Default Scenery and stuff!

    UK based but I figured you chaps might find this stuff fun

    Created a few more board styles...

    Lots more stuff over on the SDE forum if you like this, definitely an ongoing, never ending project!
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    Killing a bit of time while the KS funds clear so I decided to make a start on 'Chibiford on the water'! Initial 2 story building with a number of accessories to allow quite a few variations to be created. Also a little market area and blacksmiths...more to come as I squeeze them from the space between my ears...guess I better get some painting done!
    magnetised the clock hand so it could be used as a gam timer too!

    Our current range of furniture works quite well in the buildings too

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    Splashed a little paint on the town...bringing things to life!

    Those barrels inspired me, they need a little back story as to how they got there so I reckon Chibiford may be needing the 'on the water' element creating in the form of docks, ships and sea! Watch this space....

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    Looking great!!

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