Warcraft: The Movie. I want them orcs!
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Thread: Warcraft: The Movie. I want them orcs!

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    Default Warcraft: The Movie. I want them orcs!


    I had not really gone out of my way to see this flick. The 'internet' told me it was horrible, and since my miniature interest isn't much into Fantasy nowadays, I gave it a pass.

    Then, it showed up in the mail via Netflix (I must have dropped it on the DVD queue list). So we gave it a watch last night.

    I was pleasantly surprised. It was just a good fun popcorn movie. The characters and plot were interesting enough for me to put the laptop away while watching, and become engrossed.

    So, first of all, if you are a 'Fantasy' fan, you should really give this a chance. Knowing about the World of Warcraft isn't needed. I played the RTS Warcraft years ago, but I was able to follow along easily.

    Second of all, and much more miniature related, do you know of any company that produce a line of Orcs that have that look?

    Third of all, this may have rekindled my interest in Fantasy miniatures!! WHOO HOO, more stuff to buy, and probably never paint

    Anyhow, orcs like this:

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    Supervise I'm glad your hobby bug for fantasy has been invigorated . I loved the orcs in the movie so much I've decided to do a frost hound clan unit as my unit entry for crystal brush. As for models I only know of some of the big time artists who had another big time artist like rusto etc sculpt them the leader Orc and won I'm the large model category with their 1 off sculpt and paintwork at this years recently passed crystal brush. Go to the homepage and you'll see under the crystal brush winners what some artists had done to bring the movie characters to life with brush and pallete look under the large model winners you could see them there. That's the closest I can think of. Will they be cast I don't know, but also don't see why not.
    Welcome back!!!

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    Good eyes crystella!!! Well done matey cheers.

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    Randomly I saw your thread earlier, and then spotted this by complete chance.


    I wasn't sure what to make of the film either but when I finally saw it last month I thought it was quite cool as well, great characters !
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    Cheers folks!

    I did see this as well, quite a few in this line that are 'Warcraftian'.


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    I haven't seen the movie but I do like that style of orc, how about the s75 orc? http://scale75.com/en/scale-world-fa...-orc-fury.html he looks not far off it although he was made before the film, I think he's available in the 35 mm line too

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    How is Digga not all over this thread?!!! Filthy greenskins -_-
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