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    So I had a thought the other day, and I figured that I'd toss it out there to see what you guys think. I've looked at many different manufacturers of paints,.. GW, P3, Vallejo,.. etc. And they all basically have inks and washes in various colors,.. black wash, brown wash, red wash, yellow wash, blue wash,..etc. So my question is,... why is there no "white wash"? I mean, I'm forever thinning my own whites to use as highlights on clothing or edges on armor or what have you,.. and I'm sure that many of you guys do too. So then, why isn't this a pre-existing product? Is there some reason that white paint is different and can't be sold in a pre-thinned version?
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    Washes for white would be grey I suppose, never seen a white ink?
    Must be something to do with whites chemical makeup.
    Thinnest white ive got is vallejo air .
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    VMC-White Glaze could be 'thinner' (well it's quite thick in the bottle I have, but when thinned to a usable level it doesn't cover much (as expected)).

    I too think it's be cause of the chem. Most white pigment would be titan-oxide, which is quite opaque (not really suited for inks). Mixed with calcium carbonate to make it matt (also doesn't help with opacity).
    some other cases some organic compound is used, but also of the non-transparent type.

    so all that remains is making white washes from paint + medium, even if it's not perfect and behaves a bit differently to normal washes
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    If you can find Vallejo Model paints their white Airbrush paint is perfect for thinning normal white and it brushes out real well.

    Otherwise White Ink's are available, I use them for airbrushing;
    Daler Rowney if you can get them?
    Liquitex make them too,
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    Webmonkey, got to ask what do you want to achieve with a White Wash?
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    DR>> nothing particular,.. I just noticed that virtually ever other color has a pre-thinned "wash" version of it. I was just curious why white doesn't. That being said, I know there are various inks and stuff, but still, if I have to take the time to thin those too,.. then I might as well take the time to thin my existing white paint.
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    The inks I mentioned above are generally very thin, I mentioned them because if you want to thin white I've found it better than using water as they still keep the whiteness without loosing too much body to it. I depends what you want it for though ?
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