My first Minis criticism and tips welcome!
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Thread: My first Minis criticism and tips welcome!

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    Default My first Minis criticism and tips welcome!

    Hello everyone!

    First post and in the link are pictures of my first Minis ever. Love to hear your criticism and tips to improve.

    Whether equipment paint or tutorials or tips I would love to hear it. Be gentle!

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    Im quite new to mini painting so i dont know if im the right guy to give advise but because no one else did so far:

    First miniature:
    There are often paint overlapping. e.g bit of brown on the button of the green shorts, helm-color goes into the horns ...
    This is not a real good tip because it comes down to how steady you can hold the brush and i think that comes with time.
    However you did some small and precise highlights on the axe handle.
    So my advise to this one would be more patience on the color borders.
    My first miniature was an small orkboy and i painted him 30 times over just to get a feeling for how to get the color borders sharper.

    The See monster:
    I can see a lot of mold-lines. More knife work before painting.
    I do like the yellow blue composition. I would not think in my head that this would work but it does!

    On picture 4, at the top of the main body-yellow, there is a nice fade of the chin-yellow into the blue.
    But on the same picture the transition of the yellow on the tentacles looks to ... painted... if that makes sense.
    Yellow on blue sounds hard to fade (never tryed it) but i would try to wet in wet the two colors together. Perhaps add more in between colors.

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    I think the first model suffers from a rainbow of color selection - too many details on the model, each a different color, makes the end piece look disunited. Red and green are good contrasts, for instance, especially if it doesn't invoke Christmas, which I don't get here. But then orange knee pads are out of the theme.

    This is tricky, as this model is busy with many details. I'd suggest making more closes the same general color, but vary the high-lights and shadows to provide the illusion different textures -- something with a lot of highlights might look silky vs. the dull highlights of wool or cotton.

    I'd also consider a wash or dark line between color transitions. This can make colors stick out. Overdone or viewed too closely, it doesn't look great, but it makes the details pop nicely at 3' range, perfect for good looking game pieces. I've actually used technical pens to shade in panels on 15mm and 28mm model tanks, to make all the plates and edges jump out at arm's length.

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    Really good, I think since you are new to this.

    You've got the basics down, but I think what will really help is if you overexaggerate the contrast. Make your shade areas a bit darker, and the highlights even lighter.

    I'm kinda a fan of brown or black lining as well, which at this size, really helps define areas.

    And, just keep practicing.

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