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    Hey everyone,

    I have a Kickstarter going on and it has a few days left to fund. It's called Legends Of The Jungle and consists of 75mm and 54mm dioramas and figures with a Jungle theme. We're almost there!

    Have a look and help us get funded by backing it or spreading the word:


    Name:  CoverImage.jpg
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Size:  620.2 KB

    Here are some images of our first diorama, Lord Of The Jungle:

    Name:  Lord_Mainshot.jpg
Views: 124
Size:  623.0 KB

    Name:  Lord_3_Sides.jpg
Views: 122
Size:  756.1 KB

    Photos of the 3D printed master:

    Name:  Lord3Dprint.jpg
Views: 122
Size:  881.1 KB

    One of the prototype casts getting painted by Francesco Farabi:

    Name:  PaintedLord_04.jpg
Views: 126
Size:  464.4 KB
    Name:  PaintedLord_05.jpg
Views: 122
Size:  420.0 KB
    Name:  PaintedLord_03.jpg
Views: 116
Size:  459.8 KB
    Name:  PaintedLord_01.jpg
Views: 118
Size:  513.4 KB

    I'll be back with some more images and 360 videos.
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