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    Cool Agis 7 Sins models

    7 Sins - The Others is another very successful Kickstarter I just could not resist.
    The rewarded miniatures are very good one piece plastic models.
    Maybe even a bit better than Zombicide minis.

    The 4 minis above are from the Lust expansion - 3 Abominations and the Avatar.
    Very easy paint job, just primed white, watered down flesh tone, some dry brushing to get the transition to dark grey.
    After that lots of shades and inks. Bases are also just painted, no textures this time.

    Sometimes it is just fun to get something very quickly finished.


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    More 7 Sins minis!
    This time the first Acolytes.
    Since the corrupted Nuns and Priest are fitting to the look of the Lust Controller I started with them.

    And group shot with the Lust models:

    More as always on my site:

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    Unsettling. Disturbing. Creepy.

    Well done.

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    2 more minis are painted: Hell Club member Grin (middle) and Faith Bruiser Wengsi Wong (right mini).

    More pics on my site:

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    Another mini painted:

    Thorley from the core box, a bruiser!


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    I hope Thorley has learned his lesson: his pasty skin needs SPF 1,000,000 next time he goes out during the day.

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    These all look FANTASTIC! I hope I can paint mine anywhere near half as good!

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