How to sculpt amour plates.
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Thread: How to sculpt amour plates.

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    Default How to sculpt amour plates.

    Hi there,

    I am having a little trouble sculpting armou plates on mechs and other futuristic models.

    As they need to have 90° angles and sharp edges, it gets troublesome as soon as these parts are "hanging freely" and are not attached to a surface on one side at least (sticking out if you want to say so)

    So I tried to sculpt them seperatly, sanding them down to a rectangular shape und then assemble the mini, but that really takes some time. More complex shapes take 5-6 layers and so nearly a week to complete, and I wonder if there is an easier way oder better puttie than green stuff or miliput.

    How do you put up with this? How do you sculpt a rectangular shape, or a cube or amrour plates?

    Thought about cutting them from plasticard, but it gets really tiny at some point. Maybe metal sheets?

    Need some experienced guideance here

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    - plasticard sheet cut to size
    - brown stuff (cures harder than GS, not as rubbery) + sanding back to form
    - Milliput and sanding back to form
    Forgot, that it works again.

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