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Thread: orcs,dwarfs,chaos,demons and othes here

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    Default orcs,dwarfs,chaos,demons and othes here

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    Hello All!

    immediately I apologize for my english
    I live and work in Russia
    my main job is concept art and illustrations
    I'm a big fan of miniatures
    it is a work of art!

    and it has long been matured in me the desire
    do their miniatures
    Yes, they are similar to already existing universes
    but I want to add to the sculpture and my style
    I hope you enjoy it and you will help me with your advice


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    probably I would like to start with gnomes
    at the moment one of them posted in the gallery
    it is already casting a printed pattern
    which shed a dark brown color
    size 25 mm

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    pictures made on Sumsung note 3

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    Name:  20161115_162626.jpg
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    in-kind items are see better
    In the near future I do photo details with stronger lens
    if I find the camera

    but actually print quality impressed me was very high quality and very fine detailing

    I had the idea already prepared 5 different gnomes

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    I try to print at a rate of 50 mm (54 mm format)
    yes will be detailing how to model
    but it will seem to me not to play model and the model on the shelf
    like your opinion on this?
    I take a screenshot of all the gnomes
    Please let me know what you like best!
    and whether to do it at a rate of 75 mm or 54 mm

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    vampire Lord
    It was printed in 34 mm

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    print out good but compared to other 28 mm, it looks too small I think
    although it seems to me very nice to see in this size clearly distinguishable parts!

    so I think to increase the size and add wings

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    new projects

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    Name:  untitled.10.jpg
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