1:4 Dwarf bust WIP (Huge images, I'm really sorry. :( )
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Thread: 1:4 Dwarf bust WIP (Huge images, I'm really sorry. :( )

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    Default 1:4 Dwarf bust WIP (Huge images, I'm really sorry. :( )

    This is my first attempt at ever sculpting ANYTHING. I'm using Super Sculpey and didn't expect things to turn out so good, so I didn't think about posting here until I got to the point of paint.

    In case I forget to update, here, this is the Imgur gallery with progress pictures: http://imgur.com/a/z0Vxo

    Now, without further ado...

    This is my first stopping point. I wanted to make an old man, so I based the bust off this reference image (http://www.cgsociety.org/cgsarchive/...7645_large.jpg).

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    After baking, I moved onto adding ears and eyes. I knew he was going to be a dwarf, at this point, so I made the ears huge. The eyes are glass beads from the local hobby store.

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    And, after baking again (I tend to bake a lot), I added facial hair. This was probably the single most dramatic change, after the eyes, and I was so happy with how it turned out.

    There's a shot for scale, after baking the beard. He has earrings, here, which didn't end up lasting.

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    After I let him sit for a couple days, I knew I wasn't done with him -- I decided it was time to add a torso, so I could sculpt armor. I initially tried a complete torso, from the waist up, but I couldn't get that to work on the little holder I built, so I accepted defeat and went with a chest and shoulders approach.

    At this point, I regretted sculpting facial hair. Next time, I'll wait until much later to sculpt that.

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    Again, after baking (which is why his head is now brown), I moved onto sculpting the armor. I did this in layers -- some cloth, in the places I thought might be visible (they aren't), then leather, and then the plate.

    I opted to go for a hammered steel look, as I wasn't willing to spend the time to smooth out the plate, otherwise.

    I also pin- and nail-heads in place of sculpting rivets.

    And I sculpted his beard over the armor and went bigger. I intentionally went with a choppy, lopsided beard.

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    And primed! (With a Galleon and a CD-sized base for comparison).

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    Amazing and the fact it's the first thing you've ever sculpted too? Really great work mate

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    Quote Originally Posted by mister_m View Post
    Man! I love this, this is the stuff I wish I could do! Keep it up.
    If I can do it, I feel like anyone can do it. Sculpey doesn't air-dry, so you have unlimited working time. That REALLY helps.

    Quote Originally Posted by droidworkshop View Post
    Amazing and the fact it's the first thing you've ever sculpted too? Really great work mate

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    That is flat out awesome man! Nailed it for sure. Even more kudos for making a dwarf!

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