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    I love the look of big Zombie hordes. Luckily with all the expansions and the chance to simply buy boxes multiple times, we will never run out of Zombies.

    Being a big fan of the classic Zombicide, I am asking myself, if there is a way to tweak the game, so that there are more zombies on the board at the same time. I would love to have always like 100+ Zombies on the board ... more like 300 when it hits the extreme levels. Obviously this would affect the game balance. So what I am looking for is some way to have a crazy amount of zombies in use, while still allowing a balanced game.

    We tried a workaround of simply putting two zombies instead of one, whenever Zombies spawn. And also decided that each hit with a weapon always would kill two Zombies when it normally would just kill one. That mode already improved the look of the game a LOT! ... But it somehow felt unpolished, since we just changed the representation on the board from "two zombies always represent one zombie".

    So I wonder, is there anyone out there who has an answer to my quest of playing Zombicide with as many Zombies as possible? Special rules? Special maps? Please, help me out.

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    You could pull more than one card per spawn zone during the spawn phase. Like two or three. Or, when spawning, spawn a danger level or two higher than the level the game is at that moment. Or use a combination of both of these: more cards and higher danger levels. You could also add more spawn zones on your map. And, again, you could use a combination of those three suggestions. All this could work to get more zombies on the board. As far as balancing; that's a little tougher. You could give the survivors more wounds, more actions, easier access to molotov cocktails, and/or, like you said, take out more zombies per hit, add attack dice to each weapon, things of that nature. That's what I can come up with at the moment. Hope this was sorta, kinda, a little bit helpful .

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