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    Talking I found my sisters!

    So I've had my SOB army for quite a while now and am thrilled that they will be making a comeback I have the old Witchhunter codex but just pre ordered the new Imperial Agents codex today.....now to find someone to play with ...not to mention my girls need a paint job...can't decide on a scheme...Name:  IMG_20161214_135702411.jpg
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    alas it looks like the imperial agents is just a reprint of the crappy ebook codex we got. That's my sisters going back into storage for a while...

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    well yes me if do the nuns with guns i do a unit oe to uesing the new book and a tank or two and ues NON GW minis the TGG yes raging hero minis just dont what hole thing yes IGs girls with guns and bikinis lot more funLOL
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