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    My latest miniature:

    What do you guys think - or mainly, what should I improve on next models (probably Jareck daemon slayer from Enigma, also lots of skin)?

    Jade is here if you want to vote:


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    Wow, very nicely done!

    I particularly like the highlights on the skin.

    The only thing I would offer constructively, take it for what it's worth since I am new to trying to paint above tabletop, would be that the hair highlights could go a bit further and follow the angles of the highlights of the skin. I hope that makes sense. I guess what I am saying is that I can definitely tell the direction of your light source on everything but the hair. I hope that makes it clearer. Like I said though, you have done a beautiful job.

    Thanks for reading.

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    really nice.

    Agree, skin is the best, followed by the generic scene.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Thanks for the comments guys!

    The hair were actually painted as the last thing at the end of longer painting session. I was tired and wanted to finish the miniature already, so that's why I haven't put so much effort and the lighting of hair could be better, as you noticed. Shouldn't have rushed it
    The base is Games Workshop 40k basing kit (old mechanical parts, barbed wire, small rocks) + milliput + sand + plastic profiles.

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    I like the muted colours and the base a lot. The skin coming up to my mind as first great impression. I'm not sure about the hair. I think it might benefit from some areas being a bit darker and others being a bit brighter as hair tends to reflect lights at certain angles. Overall a very solid piece.

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