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    Hello. I'm not sure if this is the right forum to submit these images. I've just recently taken up painting Warhammer 40,000 models again after a ~4 year hiatus. I posted these images in several different places on the internet and have been met with very positive reception. I would like to get some more opinions and feedback, though, since a long stream of compliments (while uplifting) doesn't really help me out as a painter. Anyway, here they are. Thanks!

    PS: Please move this thread if I posted it in the wrong forum.

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    Welcome to the forum. The photography is quite dark so and not all in focus. Maybe if you could post one mini from a couple of views it would help. The black doesn't look like it's highlighted ? But I can't tell if that's the photo's or the painting ? Love the way you've done the wings though !
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    Cool lil guys...very nice painting.a small bit of re highlighting on all edges is what I would've done ,but that's my view and I don't feel they need it,just giving my thought process on my perspective.all in all I think you have a huge talent with an airbrush.great job.

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    Thank you for the comments. I'm currently on a holiday vacation for the next five days or so. When I get back home, I'll try to take some better photos and then try to explain my painting process so that some of my choices make some modicum of sense. I also have a winged Hive Tyrant that I'm working on, so hopefully I'll be able to apply some of the things I've learned from this re-introduction to painting in that project.

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    The wings look great!

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    Whether it was deliberate or not, keeping a nice clean division between washes to the recesses and the rest of the painting may neaten and tighten up the look of these minis. Cleaning up accidental wash marks is an easy step but one that yields massive improvements. Like up the arms of the two in the last pic. If you meant it to be that way just ignore me!
    If these are tabletop gaming minis you obviously don't want to spend too much time on them however, a minimal amount of highlighting on the black armour plates can delineate where one plate ends and the other starts. The wings on the top photo minis looks much better as the shading was looks much blacker rather than a brown color. It could be the photography changing the color of the blood but it looks very brown and much like the washes on the rest of the mini. My brain doesn't notice it as blood until the very last close ups. Now that I think of it maybe it's blood up the arms of the Nid but again, the brownness throws me a bit.
    Great airbrushing of the wings though.

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