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Thread: 1:4 Dwarf bust WIP (Huge images, I'm really sorry. :( )

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    Default 1:4 Dwarf bust WIP (Huge images, I'm really sorry. :( )

    This is my first attempt at ever sculpting ANYTHING. I'm using Super Sculpey and didn't expect things to turn out so good, so I didn't think about posting here until I got to the point of paint.

    In case I forget to update, here, this is the Imgur gallery with progress pictures:

    Now, without further ado...

    This is my first stopping point. I wanted to make an old man, so I based the bust off this reference image (

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    After baking, I moved onto adding ears and eyes. I knew he was going to be a dwarf, at this point, so I made the ears huge. The eyes are glass beads from the local hobby store.

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    And, after baking again (I tend to bake a lot), I added facial hair. This was probably the single most dramatic change, after the eyes, and I was so happy with how it turned out.

    There's a shot for scale, after baking the beard. He has earrings, here, which didn't end up lasting.

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    After I let him sit for a couple days, I knew I wasn't done with him -- I decided it was time to add a torso, so I could sculpt armor. I initially tried a complete torso, from the waist up, but I couldn't get that to work on the little holder I built, so I accepted defeat and went with a chest and shoulders approach.

    At this point, I regretted sculpting facial hair. Next time, I'll wait until much later to sculpt that.

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    Again, after baking (which is why his head is now brown), I moved onto sculpting the armor. I did this in layers -- some cloth, in the places I thought might be visible (they aren't), then leather, and then the plate.

    I opted to go for a hammered steel look, as I wasn't willing to spend the time to smooth out the plate, otherwise.

    I also pin- and nail-heads in place of sculpting rivets.

    And I sculpted his beard over the armor and went bigger. I intentionally went with a choppy, lopsided beard.

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    And primed! (With a Galleon and a CD-sized base for comparison).

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