Looking for advice storing minis.
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Thread: Looking for advice storing minis.

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    Default Looking for advice storing minis.

    So...Miniature storage. I have too many figures, not enough nice-looking ways to store them. Ideally, I want something that would fit perfectly into 30" book shelves. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions that are aesthetically pleasing. I have a game room, but countless white boxes and plastic containers with drawers just is too ugly. I am not looking for display cases, but rather easy to use, stable, and nice looking.

    Currently, I use stacks of plastic containers with three-drawers each, sorted by type. This works, more or less, but is ugly. I'd like the drawer idea, but something nicer looking.

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    Buy battlefoam. You can get them from various manufacturers,.. but long story short, you can remove various sections of foam to "custom fit" each mini. These foam "sleeves" then stack on top of each other and can be contained inside a "bag" of sorts. The bags come in various sizes and shapes, so you can get the ones that work for you. They are fairly common in the gaming industry.
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    Well, Webmoney, I am looking for at home storage, and transportation is not a priority, as I tend to host games more than travel. The most accessible models would be standard fair DnD type models, where guests need to select appropriate miniatures. Wargaming minis I keep in more structured storage --currently boxes specific to each game.

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    I've seen people buying kitchen tidy's from Ikea and using them. Might be worth a look through the kitchen part of their site to see if you can find anything.
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    I'd google 'Taboret'.

    They are made for artists, and have plenty of drawers. The smaller ones may fit right inside your bookshelf.

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