Okay so I spent $19 for the "Plastic Token Pack", for Arcadia quest, and it looks like my kickstarter purchase should be arriving some time mid-late January. (Yay!)

A couple hours ago I just noticed that Cool Mini Or Not put out a Promo item for Arcadia Quest in the Brettspiel Avent Calendar, which is a "Healing Fountain" tile, which is revealed via new cardboard exploration tokens.....which I'm assuming look like the rest of the current cardboard exploration tokens. (Which I was hoping to never need to use again when my new nicer plastic exploration tokens arrive.)

Do you see where I'm going with this? This promo has just ruined the new plastic token set, which I haven't even received yet. Either the plastic tokens are obsolete, or the new "Healing Fountain" promo item will need to not be used. But the two can't play nice together.....until such time as CMON releases a supplimental additional set of plastic tokens (two) for the "Healing Fountain".

So....is CMON planning to do this? (It seems unlikely.) I guess, if CMON makes them available, I could order an additional set of plastic tokens so I can alter two of them to make them into the Healing Fountain portals. Aaargh...I'll need to spend another $19 plus shipping to get another full set, just so I can re-appropriate 2 of them?!?! Ack!

So any plans to do something to help out here? I spent $19 on the plastic Tokens and $30 from some e-bay scalper to get the Healing Fountain promo...so $50 for two components that currently can't be used together.