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Thread: Anyone need extra cards?

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    Default Anyone need extra cards?

    I am loving this Zombicide game!

    However I am limited to just one language and as such am lumbered with great big bag full of these lovely game cards which I was going to get rid of however I thought it best before I do to check if anybody would like them?

    I backed kickstater so have a load of these cards and likewise if someone has a load of English cards taking up space instead of throwing them away I would love to have them here and we will all save the world a bit of card at a time ;-)


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    Hi, I was about to ask if anyone here could spare the portuguese cards of the game. I've just bought an used game and expansions and the previous owner kept only the english cards.

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    We are in need of any extra Black Plague cards you wouldn't mind parting with. We are enjoying it so far just need more Vault cards! LMK.

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    I still have all the foreign language cards for Black Plague. (English is not foreign to me. [smiles]) Message me directly and we'll see what we can work out..

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