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Thread: New to Zombicide Black Plague - Custom Tiles/Quests/Spells etc

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    Default New to Zombicide Black Plague - Custom Tiles/Quests/Spells etc

    Hi All!

    I'm new to Zombicide Black Plague, although by no means new to the gaming hobby having been collecting primarily 'Oldhammer' for 27 years and possessing several vintage 1980's armies, but now my Son has turned 13 and we have enjoyed games such as Tannhauser and Ashes Rise of the Phoenixborn and through my fond memories of Heroquest and Advanced Heroquest from my childhood, I took the plunge and ordered:

    Black Plague Main Game
    Wulfsburg Expansion
    Extra Tile Pack
    Special Guest: Adrian Smith
    Special Guest: Marc Simonetti
    Promo Hero: Hitch (my Wife is a big Bowie fan, so this is a way, I hope, of getting her to play also!!!)

    These will arrive in the next 48 hours, cant wait!!!!!

    I've watched several play through's on You Tube and have made notes on some of the points that seemed 'odd' so I can look at some house rules (unless the uploader got the rules wrong.....!) so am really looking forwards to gaming myself!

    Question to the more experienced users, are there any places you would recommend to look for custom tiles, additional equipment, spells, missions etc? I know I haven't played the base game yet, but want to be prepared and well advised when the time comes to add further variety.

    Also, a gaming love of mine is/was the Baldurs Gate series and now Pillars of Eternity and one point in those games which was always epic were the fights against other groups..... The reason my son and I chose in particular the Adrian Smith Guest Pack is that the characters are what you would classify as leaning towards evil judging by their card descriptions, so the idea I have is to use two parties on the board perhaps, both scavenging, both facing the Undead and then perhaps they cross paths.....

    Are there any examples to your knowledge of two groups on the board at once? Just an idea, I'd need to play test it first to see how it would work out.



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    I've not yet seen any custom boards for Zombicide Black Plague. Guillotine Games has a map tile editor which can do Black Plague as well as regular Zombicide tiles. (GG is the original creator of the Zombicide series in case you don't know.) has custom boards for normal Zombicide, perhaps your party fell through a portal in time?

    Hope this helps,

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