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    Default Harry Potter: The Miniatures Game

    I've seen the movies and (better yet) I've read the books. I've enjoyed both, and think they are well done. It's a well thought out world with interesting characters and storylines.

    But, all that said, I'd still consider myself just a casual fan of the Harry Potter world.

    However, for whatever reason, I am super excited about Knight Models latest offering, A Harry Potter Miniatures Game

    They just posted a teaser of one of the minis, this one being Mad Eye Moody.


    I have many of the Marvel and Batman offerings from Knight Models, and absolutely love them.

    This is going to test my 'no new miniatures resolution' severely.

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    I've seen the HP films and can take or leave them, however Mad Eye Moody did always stand out as a character and this looks cool, perhaps the pose is a little static but it still looks cool, it's got a really good likeness.

    What's this "No new miniatures resolution" then ? I don't understand the concept supervike
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    Yep, it's a pretty foreign concept to me as well!

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    Became a HP fan as an adult! Very excited by this! Can't wait for Snape! Hope the casting is good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eyeayen View Post
    I've seen the HP films and can take or leave them............/
    Read the books instead!
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    Casting is usually top notch with Knight Models.

    The only downsides I have with them are

    1. They have a tendency to have fiddly bits (skinny unattached arms/etc) and

    2. They command a premium price.

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    this game its about modeling, still wondering on the rules, could have lots of success on the KM gaming system that its about management rather than tactical warfare.
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